Evangelion Episode 4

This episode is the best 20 or so minutes of animation I’ve ever seen.

Reading this post was the worst 20 seconds I spent.

It took you 20 seconds to read a sentence?

which episode was that one again?

I think that was the one where they used the huge rifle to destroy the Angel.

That describes every episode of Evangelion preety accurately, Kag. In fact, it preety much desbcribes every anime that involves giant robots, period.

The weird pyramid angel?

No, usually they destroy stuff through other ways X =P. And yes, the pyramid angel that was burrowing into Nerv HQ.

I thought that episode was okay, but it developed the relationship between <strike>Asuka</strike><b>REI</b> and <strike>Kenji</strike><b>THAT OTHER BASTARD</b> more, so I guess it’s good in that aspect too :stuck_out_tongue:

Asuka wasn’t in that episode, and it’s Shinji- not Kenji =P. It did between Rei and Shinji though =P

I thought the big pyramid was episode 6…

I was actually thinking of that episode where Shinji and Asuka had to work together without killing each other. My mistake.

Oh, it might have been Flint. It’d help if Sil told us =P


Shit, I actually meant episode 5, but episode 4 is sweet too. In episode 5, we see the unit 00 test where she goes berserk and Gendo ends up ripping off the hot door with his bare hands. Then, following gym class where Kensuke and Toji tease Shinji for looking at Rei, Misato and Ritsuko give Shinji the card to deliver to her at her apartment. But when Shinji gets there no one answers the door so he walks in and puts on the glasses which were recovered by Rei when his father dropped them at the aforemention eva test. Then stuff happens and Shinji ends up touching Rei’s boobie.

From a character development and directorial standpoint, we should all be jerking off over this episode.

You are all (Except Sil, you got it right) talking about episode 6. Episode 4 was the one with “The Hedgehog’s Dilema” stuff.

blah, the episode where Rei nearly killed herself protecting Shinji (the shield and the sniper rifle episode) was better developmentally I think (especially when Shinji tells her at the end not to say things like she had been saying earlier). Although the episode Sil is talking about is really cool when Shinji talks smack about his father and Rei slaps him, it’s really interesting.

The first posts were the suckiest moments of my day.

My fave episode is the one in which Shinji falls into the Sea of Dirac. Even though that was not the Sea of Dirac.