What the hell was that?!?!? Fucking pos ^#$^!#$^

I swear, Shinji is gay and is having issues accepting it. Am I the only one that gets that feeling?

I got the feeling everyone had massive oedipus complexes more than anything else.

And oh my lord I just posted in the anime forum, noooo.

Kaworu was gay, Shinji was an autistic freak that had a crush on his own mother’s clone.

well wouldnt you have a crush on some girl you accidently saw naked put your hand on her breasts…even if she is a clone…and i thought that she was a clone of the kid that that doctor chick’s mom killed?


Sorry about that, the warez kinda dissapeared <_<

Rei was a clone of Shinji’s mom. Version 1.0 of Rei was the kid that crazy wench strangled, version 2.0 is what we get most of the series, 3.0 after Rei goes batshit insane and nukes herself so that Shinji doesn’t get owned by that tentacle angel thing.

Just days after posting in the Free RP Forum too.

You’re slipping Chuh. Watch yourself now.

And Shinji was just the absolute worst lead character ever. Not in terms of story, he was a great lead for the plot, but in terms of being in any way cool, he just fails. Which is why Gundam SEED is better. At least Kira stops whining half-way through the series.

Yeah, Shinji is a whiny little crap head. But, I liked Rei and Asuka.

I think Shinji is a good main character because he adds a lot of horror to the story

i knew one of the clones was based off that lil kid so i assumed they all were i liked shinji as a character but i hated that he had a thng for karou…and i hated that he thought he was god of the universe

After all, was he or was he not assfucked by the last angel?

Actually he didn’t have a ‘thing’ for Kaworu so much as he trusted him, and he went batshit because Kaworu betrayed that, just like his father had (he shouts that, I believe).

And at NO point did he think he was ‘god of the universe’. There was a point, about halfway through the series, where he was finally starting to have some confidence in himself and his abilities, but then by the end of the series and during all the movie he’s regressed back into his original mindset.

By the end of that chapter, you mean. I remember it clearly because Eva 01 Berserk Mode does some of the most awesome scenes ever.

Good point. Yeah, so it doesn’t last long at all.

Hell, give me a huge robot to shoot things and I’d be all “Hell yes bitches! HAHAHAHAAAH!” What a wuss. :stuck_out_tongue:

i guess my only reason for saying god of the universe is when that shadow angel shows up and he goes headfirst into it…and almost dies tho berserk mode is pretty aweosme

Yeah, that was pretty cool. Unit 01 is awesome.

Shinji is definitely not gay. Watch the movie ending, “End of Evangelion” and if you still think so after the first 10 minutes or so, you let me know, Sinistral. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, yeah… and we thought that the guy that did it in his classroom had bad timing :stuck_out_tongue:

I did watch it, SG. It only added to my doubts. The only really ambiguous part is when he imagines Ayanami on top of him naked.