Does anyone have any of this album by Eiffel 65 they would be willing to send me? I just downloaded Blue and Move Your Body again and they are kinda catchy. I’ve never even heard anything else from the album. :frowning:

I want those, would you like to send me those? I haven’t been able to find anything else by them lately…hmm…I’ll have to search harder later tonight.

Get on AIM sometime. I’ve found a couple more songs. I can’t send right now though, guild event at… five minutes ago.

Try some torrents.

That reminds me…I need to check my torrents sites list…every once in a while new ones are added & others are shut down…

Haven’t checked in a few months…

1995 called, they want their TERRIBLE TASTE IN MUSIC BACK.


Yeah! Eifle 65 rocks. I still haven’t been successful in downloading other songs, but Blue is so awesome. I downloaded it because it came up on some otehr search I did and loved it. It is one song I can listen to over and over (iimmediately after) and not get tired of.

Exactly, Info :slight_smile:

Wrong number. It was 1999.

But Eiffel 65 is cool, if only because they have a song about the Playstation (“My Console”)