Eternal Vengeance

Prologue: Demise and Rebirth

In a remote world lived a man who struggled to make life safe for everyone. For many years, he had managed to keep his village safe. Despite the numerous and devastating wounds he had suffered, he had always been able to continue his task, always fighting, always suffering for the good of his people. For many years, the land prospered and became known as a safe and fair place. But as this protector grew old, his surviving enemies plotted to overthrow him, leaving the people at their mercy. One night, they walked into the village and caught him sleeping. Before he could do anything, he found himself being dragged into the muddy streets. As he attempted to gather his strength and fight back, he was impaled with a spear and passed away.
His cowardly enemies set the village on fire and slaughtered the people, now that their protector was gone. In the middle of the screams, they dragged the fallen warrior’s corpse to a nearby swamp and, in a final act of mockery, threw it into its deepest part.
Although he was dead, he could feel everything, he could hear their voices, bragging how they had just destroyed what he had fought to preserve for his whole life. As they walked away, somewere between heaven and hell, his soul burned with an otherworldly fury. The cries of his people echoed in desperation, waiting for a miracle, waiting for their protector to come. Those cries tore him apart. As his despair and rage intensified, he found himself hovering over a lake of fire. When he was about to fall in, a winged shadow carried him to safety.
“Why are you doing this?” He asked. “With my people so brutally slaughtered and my home burned to the ground, nothing binds me to the world of the living.”
The creature’s eyes glowed red, and it spoke with a fiery voice.
“Are you sure that is your wish? What about… revenge?”
He answered with rage and sadness.
“Yes… I would kill those murderers if I had the chance… But I know I’m dead. What can I do?”
The figure spoke and flooded his soul with a fiery blaze, igniting his bloodlust.
“You can go back. I can make it possible. I can send you back and give you the power you need to avenge those you have lost.”
He looked at the creature, suspicious of its motives.
“What do you have to gain with this?”
The creature replied with a rage that could only match his own.
“I too lost everything that mattered to me. But I never had the chance to avenge those I cared for.”
He looked at its eyes, filled with buring rage.
“Then you understand…”
The creature raised its hand.
“Beter than you can imagine. Accept this power and have your revenge. Only then will you find your rest.”
The fallen hero found himself enveloped in a torrent of fire, which made him feel a rush of power he could never have imagined.
The creature then handed him a rune-covered blade, covered in flames.
“This will be the instrument of your vegneace. Make them suffer.”
He grabbed the blade and steeled his resolve.
“I will. They will feel my pain a thousand times!”
The figure looked at him.
“That is what I wanted to hear. Now go.”
The creature raised its hands and he found his spirit drawn back to the world of the living.
At first, he was startled to find himself in the bottom of the swamp, but then he tightened the grip on his blade and jumped out with incredible ease.
As he landed on solid ground, he looked at the blood-red moon, took a deep breath and then set his eyes on the road.
“They will pay… for everything.”
He then pulled the spear from his back and noticed how he felt no pain. As soon as it was removed, the wound burned itself shut.
His first thought was to throw the vile thing at a tree, but then he had a better idea.
“An eye for an eye… The bastard who stuck it here is going to know exactly how it feels like…”

Wow this is pretty good.

… I like it… it’s ok…

Chapter 1 - Dark Vengeance

The warrior looked at the road ahead and noticed that the fire was still raging. With his blood boiling of hatred, he dashed towards the ruined village, with the flames of his new blade lighting the path to his enemies.
“They’ll pay for this… every last of them!”
His heart was beating fast, encouraging him to run straight to the burning husk where his home stood just a few hours before.
As he ran through the muddy road, he noticed the horribly mutilated corpses of his neighbors, littering the path in a macabre display. He forced himself to look away and his eyes glowed red.
“I will make them suffer!”
Running even faster, he reached the village and dashed past the burning houses. As he saw the village square, he saw how the marauders were gattering all their plunder there. The way they had looted the houses, like jackals and vultures, made him roar. The bandits, scared by the noise, gathered and drew their blades.
One of them stepped forward, defiant.
“Who’s there?! You don’t scare us! We just killed your pathetic protector, and now this place is ou…”
He never finished the sentence. The warrior’s heart raged, demanding his blood. His strange new sword spewed out a torrent of flames, incinerating the imprudent thief in a few seconds. The others were terrified.
“Who… what did this?” They asked.
And then, he came out of the shadows, like a hellish apparition, surrounded by the flames of his sword, with his outfit blackened by the filthy swamp water and his eyes glowing red.
The marauders were terrified.
“What kind of demon…?” One of them said.
The warrior just smiled. It was the most unsettling smile anyone could ever see. An evil and sarcastic smile of the kind that says ‘you’re dead’. And then he spoke, and his voice sounded like a rumbling flame, full of hatred.
“Remember me?! Well, it’s payback time!”
The marauders recognized him at last and were taken over by an unspeakable terror. Some of them ran away screaming, while the others just stood there, looking at him with their eyes wide open.
He gripped the spear that had taken his life and looked around. He then recognized one of the bandits and stared at him.
“I believe you and I have and unfinished matter to settle.” He said, with a gaze overflowing with hatred and bloodlust.
Before he could do anything, the warrior dashed in and impaled him with otherworldly strength and violence, before gripping the spear, jumping and hurling it at a wall, still stuck into the bandit’s body. The spear hit the wall with a sickening sound and the motionless corpse spilled its blood all over it. Looking at his deed, he only felt his rage increasing. Just two would never enough. All of them had to pay. He gripped his sword and dashed towards the stunned brigands. One of them stared at him, his face pale as a sheet.
“You… you’re a demon…”
Before he could say anything else, the warrior swinged his blade at the group, unleashing a mighty slash that cut them to ribbons, followed by a torrent of flames that consumed their bodies.
“Revenge!” His voice echoed in the night, as the remaining marauders fled the village in a hurry. As he started chasing them through the ruins, he saw a familiar corpse, lying under a burned tree. He dropped his blade in shock.
“No… not you too…”
He recognized the remains of a young girl, who had been his apprentice in the art of the sword until the slaughter. Suddenly, he felt an overwhelming pain, ripping him inside out. We walked to the girl’s body and held it against his chest. A tear ran down his tarnished face, followed by many more.
“No… why… why?!”
He closed his hands tightly and his eyes glowed red again. He then stared at the fleeing thieves.
“Go ahead, you cowards, run. I have to build a fit resting place for my friends… but later… your blood will be all over this land!”
He silently gatered the bodies and buried them under a large tree, the only one that escaped the flames. He marked each of the graves with a small flower and spent the whole night there, on his knees.
As the sun rose, chasing the darkness of the night, he slowly walked away and headed towards the remains of his home. He then looked for his ruined garden and uncovered a large box, hidden under a rock. He carefully opened it, revealing a white armor and a shining blade, relics from his past as a wandering knight. He looked at them and mourned once again for what he had lost. He then renewed his resolve.
“There is no turning back now… I will never rest until they are all dead…”
His hatred returned, stronger than ever. He closed the box and headed towards a nearby river, where he washed away all the filth that had clinged to his body after being in the swamp water. He then ran back and reopened it.
“These will be of use to me once again…”
As he touched the armor, it glowed red.
“Yes, bathe in my rage, old friend… What we have fought so hard to protect is gone… Revenge is all we have left…”
He decided to put it on. As he did so, he noticed an unfamiliar heat. His burning heart seemed to be changing the old metal. He then grabbed the old sword and fell the same effect.
“I’m ready… Ready to make them pay! And with two blades, I can do much more damage!” He said before laughing diabolically.
After looking at his home for the last time, he set off, following the marauders’ trail through a road leading to a large city.
“Sleep in peace, my friends… You will be avenged.” He said before moving on.

It’s very dark and forboding. I like it. The man sounds more consumed with rage than actually evil…

I’ll read the full thing as soon as possible, a little too tired right now. But glancing it over it does look good :slight_smile: