Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind

I rent it. I saw it. I liked it. I loved it. I bought the dvd. It easily became one of my favorites movies.
Rated 4 stars out of 5, this movie is about relationship, the bad moments as well as the good ones.

The story follows Joel Barish (Jim Carrey), a normal and shy guy in his thirty, as he discover that his impulsive and insecure girlfriend (Kate Winsley) had decided to erase him from her memory, after an argument. Confused and upset by the whole thing, he decide to pay a visit to Lacuna Inc., created by Howard (Tom Wilkson), that specialize in erasing targeted memories. Joel decides to follow the procedure and erase Clementine (Kate Winsley) from his memories.
While they’re being erased, Joel relives his memories in his mind. The memories goes backward, from their last argument to when they first met. We see how their relationship was a beautiful thing, as so does Joel. He come to realize he don’t want to forget her, and fight back to avoid his memories being erased.

With an amazing, yet smooth and fiting soundtrack too, I can’t see who won’t enjoy this masterchief. :bowser:

Sounds ok to me. Has it got any funny moments, being a Jim Carrey movie?

I don’t think it’s that kind of Jim Carrey movie. It does sound good though. I’m planning to borrow my friend’s copy.

What you do call a “Jim Carrey” movie? A comedy akin to The Mask or Ace Ventura? Sorry, you’re way off. Never call off a movie because an actor is in it. Remember the Truman Show? Yeah. Jim Carrey is a good actor, no matter the role. Seriously. Don’t put it aside because someone plays in it…

It’s a trippy movie. Also, isn’t it “of” not “on” the Spotless Mind?

Infonick is asking for a darkness nova!!!

It ain’t funny Vorps. ><;
Stay serious will you?

And yeah. Might be “of” rather than “on”. Whatever =P

It’s ‘of’. Booken FAILS AT LIFE!

Good film though.

Your mom failed at life. Or at least at creating a decent one o:

oh snap

Bwahah =P
Flawless Victory

Masterchief? XD It is masterpiece, silly booky. <3

And this is one of my favorite movies too. Havn’t had a chance to get the DVD yet though, what kind of bonus features does it have? If it doesn’t have any bonuses that are worthwhile, i’ll just download the mpg.

There’s the video clip of Light and Day by Polyphonic Spree. Its awesome.