Essay Question

I have a short 2000 word essay to write about a certain division of people who (quoted from my paper) “have faced the wrath of others because of their differences”.

The list of examples include:

People of colour

I’ll probably debate mainly on writing about Christians, or Wiccans, but I was wondering if anyone had any interesting topics to add to the list. I like writing about something I have fairly good knowledge of (Christians) or a society I want to learn more about (Wiccans) or something totally different and unexpected to upstage everyone else. Anyone have any ideas about a certain race, or society, that at one point in time were mis-represented and wronged, to add to the list?

EDIT: After posting I just realized any types of people can be categorized, but I’m talking about well known struggles that people have heard of.

You could have a look at the crusade in the Middle ages, about how that led to huge suffering for both sides and a victory lasting a laughably short time. Also, of course, the witch hunts and the conversion of people in Africa and India.

People of colour (specifically African-Americans) are also a good example. Remember the days when they were treated as slaves, had little to no rights, and were mistreated by their owners?

And of course, the Jewish suffered through the events of World War 2, and the conflicts of the Middle Ages. That alone should be enough to fill 2000 words. Good luck!

RPG monsters.:mwahaha:
I mean, just because they appear on the opposite side of the screen from everybody else…

Thanks for the suggestions Weilla, Dalton. I was actually contemplating about writing for a group or society from way back when. Still thinking about it.

And yes Ivan, that would go sooooo well with my english teacher. I’m sure he’d understand, really:ah-ha!:

You have to think that this is an assignment that will eventually have to be handed in to a teacher. So anything to do with RPGs is probably not a good idea.

Anyway, I would suggets something, but I can’t actually think of one, so I won’t. Good luck, anyway.