Error message help...

Trying to run a game in Steam that has worked for me in the past, I get this error message:

I presume I need a driver or something. Could someone point me in the right direction?

What is your videocard?

RADEON 9800.

EDIT: Yeah, that was a typo. Fixed.

I’m going to assume 9800. You’ll want these drivers. Download and install Catalyst Software Suite. If that doesn’t fix it then your card is simply too old.

These if you’re using Windows 2000.

I installed the stuff, but still got the same error message. It’s odd, because as I said, I’ve run this game before in the past, and haven’t changed my vid card since.

Regardless, thank you for your help.

Then I’d blame Microsoft Windows.

Consider it blamed.

If you’re at all curious, what won’t run is the first Penny Arcade Adventures game. Doubly odd, since I can still run Half-Life 2 with no trouble. Ah well.