Er...... Hi!

Hmmmm, welcome at RPGC. Enjoy your stay. :kissy:

Welcome ‘n’ stuff…
Most of the people have already said everything, so…
Well, welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the forums, I hate you. :wave:

Welcome. Give me your sanity and you’ll fit in just fine. Oh, and the number one rule is not take anything here too seriously.

1/ Oh, you don’t need to worry about fighting us …

2/ In fact … [CHESTJAB] … wanna join us?

Smith, what have I told you about turning people into you!?

2/ Uh … don’t do it again?


3/ Well, you didn’t tell ME! [CHESTJAB]

Hi and welcome. Heres your complementary toaster that you will never ever usehands him a toaster. TAKE IT!!! no give backs *runs away:runaway: *

Sorry forgot the normal welcome. Pretty much what everbody said here dont take some of the stuff people say seriously. So welcome to the forums.


:moogle: :moogle: :moogle: :moogle: :moogle: :moogle:
The moogles will eat you!!! MWAHAHAHAHaaa… nvm.

WHOA, nice avatar, Alyx!!

Yellow!! I’m new to the forum too!! Welcome buddy!! WELCOME!!

does the welcome dance

Welcome to the relm of the doomed MWUHAHAHAHAHAhahaha:fungah:

<img src=“”> BUNDR BLAK’Z HEER!

Blah blah blah HI, blah blah blah WELCOME, blah blah blah WHATEVER, blah blah blah SWORDFISH.

Hello and welcome…watch your step, please. Have a nice day, and thank you for visiting. :wave:

Originally posted by Yar Kramer
WHOA, nice avatar, Alyx!!

I liked her avatar from before Halloween. The one with the eyes and the gloves.

Hey enjoy your stay!

Alyx’s avvie reminds me of one of DT’s old ones.

But yeah. Hi.

hello. I am the master of moogles.

pink steals and eats Alyx’s moogles

If you rp you might see me. I join as many rpg’s as I can handle. see my nice avatar.

pink pummels noob with 100 bloodthirsty moogles

:moogle: :moogle: :moogle: :moogle: :moogle: :moogle:

/me takes a seat on the hill and watches another herd of newbies run by…

[Redundant]Hello, and welcome to RPGC!!![/Redundant]