Er...... Hi!

Er… Hi everybody! (Sort of new here but not in forums exp, believe me)

There’s no new member forum, so I guess I’ll post here…

I’m Bunder Black, RP-guy and fidel RPG player.

What I like most on some forums are the Roleplaying Sections. (Hint Hint, suggestion here! ) Duels, Chainstories, Fanfics… Those are my fav.

So… eh, I’m an Rp-er ready to RP!:hahaha;

:wave: Hello and welcome

Thanks Mastermune. (BTW your sig is cool)

I implore you to check out the Free RP forum(and more specifically this =P)

Oh, and hi.


Welcome. And read the rules in the RP forum.

Salve! Welcome and hello!

Zhou already mentioned the RP forum, so I’ll suggest you check out the Media forum for fanfics and stuff. If you’re a writer feel free to post your stuff there, if not, just enjoy.

To Crotanks:Okay.

And a lil question.

I’m making a SMALL ficlet in Rp forum. After, It will turn into a Fair Duel topic. Is this ok?

To demigod: I’ll be sure to leave some of my work there! ^^


Hello, I’m Strong Bad … and you don’t know it yet, but I’m the reason you’re here.

I’m Yar Kramer. Hi, and stuff.

I’m Smith. We’re pleased to meet you.


And I’m the kitty! =^.^=


O_o @_@

A chance Neo isn’t here, because I would be caught in the midst of a battle…

Hi Yar! And thanx for the greeting!


*passes the noob a handgun

It is loaded with 6 bullets. If you need more, talk to my assistant Dr. Funk . He accepts cash, money, socks and babies.

Heh, thanksie! I’ll make good use of this… eval grin

Gemini: Welcome!
Chemist: Remember the HONC Rule!
Joey: Our chemist is on drugs.
Gemini: Hope you enjoy your stay!

Heh, Thanks JFGemini07.

I’d have a gig to greet you with (such as the passing out of the handgun), but I don’t. Just read the rules, remember that not everything is serious, and careful about politics and religion discussions.

Alrighty, thanks for the tip Cala. ^^

Welcome, Blunder. Good to see a newbie with actual Forum experience! I guess that means you know that most people online are nice but some are rude, and that you’re supposed to IGNORE the rude ones.

RPGC is a great community and run by very fair people. Please check out ALL our boards and choose the ones you like best. Enjoy!

Well, nice to know you know the basics of Forums, then. But, could you not reply every other post? Don’t have to listen to me if you don’t want to, just a small request.

Hello. and RP is cool, but my imagination it too limited for it.