This movie puts The Matrix to shame in every aspect. Way cooler fight scenes than any other movie ever, and a way more interesting and realistic plot line than The Matrix could ever hope to pull together. The Wachowski brothers could learn a thing or two from Kurt Wimmer.

I highly reccomend this movie. Rent it.

I think somebody made this thread awhile back. :stuck_out_tongue: Or maybe it was just Merlin convincing like half of RPGC that Equilibrium was their favorite movie, I don’t know. :stuck_out_tongue: In any case, yeah, it’s a really awesome movie, heh. The gun kata things were so badass.

hell yeah! I’m bringing my dvd to the meet. and we’re gonna watch it. last time we watched robin hood men in tights and some stand up comedie crap. this time, Equilibrium, and hellsing, and gerbackers if Jing can steal it from weiila for the trip.

Hell yes it is, the gun-fu was so badass. The burning of the Mona Lisa also was a very good moodsetter.

Not to mention mr. hottie as protagonist .


It’d be my fav movie ever if I hadn’t seen Kill Bill 2. When I rented it I thought it was gonna be a Maxtrix rip-off, and then I watched it and I was like; “WHOA! That kicked ASS!”

Equilibrium fucking owned.

That it did. Christian Bale is a damn good actor. The only problem I had with it was THERE WEREN’T ENOUGH FIGHT SCENES!!!
And yeah, the fact that the plot didn’t eight hours of explaining (Matrix) only added to Equilibrium’s overall coolness.

Isn’t this what Merlin went on and on and on about a couple of months ago?
I’ll look into it. Or not. Maybe.

Yeah, it is. And it’s a way better movie than The Matrix ever was. It’s the same kind of movie, but Equilibrium just does everything better.

Plus, it has Christian Bale in it, who is playing Batman in the “Batman Begins”, the new Batman movie, and I am basking in his greatness.

How to make Equilibriium
Step One: Add 1/2 a cup of 1984
Step Two: Add a pinch of Farenheight 451
Step Three: Add one part Matrix
Step Four: Mix in blender with a liberal amount of dog shit and you have Equilibirum.