Epic Mickey - Concept Art

So while I was looking around my usual sites, I happen to come across some extremely crazy (and cool) concept art for this game known as “Epic Mickey”.
Looks like Disney World meets Steampunk. I’m tempted to use some of it as wallpaper for my laptop. Anywho, take a look at the article for some pics. Hopefully, this will come out in some shape or form.

And then of course, there’s this:

That actually looks cool.

Visually, it looks like a darker version of Kingdom Hearts.

My thoughts exactly

Apparently, the game has something to do with Disney’s lesser, more obscure characters that rise up against Mickey for revenge. That kinda explains all the old characters in some of the art. Also has something to do with painting your way through levels and erasing parts of levels with the Wii remote.

Holy crap… that is sweet.

Wha, by Warren Spector? Now I’m intrigued.

It looks a bit creepy to me, but it’s pretty cool too. :slight_smile:

The art style looks great! I hope the gameplay does it justice.