Enhancement System

For a friend’s RPG3k project I am putting together an interesting character-enhancement system and Id like a few ideas. I know what you are thinking but believe me or not my friend (lets call him Set) is actually making progress. He has been assimilating the discarded projects made by others. If his project is in turn discarded someone else will have a nice foundation to work from.

Anyway what I am doing is making a system similar to the one used in the evolution of the dragons in Bahamut Lagoon but for characters. When a character goes through certain rituals (perhaps using certain rare items) it changes them bit by bit. Walk a little too close to the dark side and your character could be downright demonic. The changes may also effect how npcs respond to you and the overall course of the game.

How do you guys think I should do it? Any ideas for items and their effects on characters? How should I try to wrap plot around this system? (So far its a rather moody story based around a memoryless hero who awakes in a battlefield with not a single standing soldier on either side. The villan is a rather obscure wormlike creature deep in the bowls of the earth who is manipulating the affairs of men through several lesser villans. Anything else is still malleable.)

I don’t get it. Are you trying to programmate a computer game or to create a new RPG system like GURPs, D&D & stuff?

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Well, since you probably want to make the majority of NPCs respond to the curren alignment, and certain alignment only sidequests etc, good luck with making all of those extra pages. You’ll need it :stuck_out_tongue:

And Ren, he’s making a game in RPG3K. A rather nice RPG creator.

Got it.

If alignement counts, one way to do it easier is that old formulae: kill a bad guy, and your alignment shifts towards the good side. Kill a good guy, and it shifts towards the bad side.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Well, it seems more to me that choices you make affect your alignment, kinda like the swashbuckler rating in SoAL. It’s still gonna be a helluva lot of scripting tough.

Or you could do it how M&M7 did: Make the choice in good or evil at a certain point in the game… And be stuck with it until the end.

A major character’s appearance, stat modifiers, and a few other things are determined by their moral and elemental allignments. Various things including magical item use, magical item equipment, actions, and even killing bosses affect your allignments. Im willing to give Set the benifit of the doubt when he says he can do it. Hes got a lot done so far.

What I want are ideas for the above stated. Got any? Ideas on how to weave this into the plot and gameplay?

The sucky thing is I am going to be the one making all the charset variants for the various allignments. sigh :thud:

First off, give him a different name. Might I suggest Osiris. Horus and Set are never friends; they weren’t in AoM, they weren’t in UT03, and they beter not be here. Get it, got it, good.

Second, my idea is this: do it like in the Tactics Ogre series. Give each of the elements, including Virtue and Bane (or whatever you call good and evil) a patron deity. Now, here’s my idea: Then, at any time throughout the game, a person can pray to whatever god represents them better, and they’ll get advice on how to become more powerful with that alignment. I.E. if you see an old lady, thn pray to Asmodee (evil god in TOG), he’ll give you the standard evil answer of “Push her into traffic”.

You can also do it the Shin Megami Tensei way, and basically have two bosses, one good, one evil. Depending on who you kill, you get turned one notch in that direction.

Which makes being neutral a bitch in that game.

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I work with him because hes a genius at coding.

Anyway, should there be things like an evil blade that slowly corrupts the user or items that give permanent elemental power-ups allong with a stat boost?

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