Enemy Skills: FFVII

On FFVII, how do you get the enemy skill chocobuckle?

I have tried many things and cant get it.

I know it only works with certain chocobos but cant get it still.

Can anyone help me?

You have to learn the enemy skill “L4 Suicide,” and use it on a Chocobo whose level is divisible by four; it will then counterattack with Chocobuckle. I think you can find such Chocobos near Mideel or near the Chocobo Farm.

I remember that one. Ridiculously complex to get, and then not at all worth the effort. Isn’t the damage based on the number of times you run away in battle?


Effect - Non-elemental damage to a single target. Damage is equal too the
number of battles you have run from.
Pros - In theory you can do 9,999 damage with this skill. However, better
uses are getting it to 1,111 or 2,222 damage to inflict easy Lucky 7’s on your
Cons - Takes a VERY long time to power up, somewhat of a pain to learn too.
Mp Cost - 3mp
Can learn from - Chocobos [Chocobo Tracks]

From Apathetic Aardvark’s Enemy Skill FAQ

Ahh yes, Chocobuckle. The one enemy skill I never bothered to learn.

I don’t usually bother with it, but on occassion I will get it, just to say that I got pretty much everything in the game.