Enemas are fun!

Maybe it’ll turn out to be an actual cue ball and you can play some pool, and when folks cover over to play pool you can say, “Yeah, that cue ball. I grew that thing in my neck. Awesome, huh?”

My appendix is as clean as a whistle :]

I love Sin. In a platonic manner, and Cless as well. They made me laugh. And YES! I got pain killers. I don’t remember last week. I went to the doctor today and I have to have a ultrasound Monday to see if its exploded yet. Then they will debate on what to do yadda yadda.

I’m going to go eat more of the white candy stuff.

What did you get?

Keep us posted! I am most curious.

Vicodin? However it is spelled. House is addicted to it. Thats how awesome it is. 2 pills every four hours and I don’t know how to walk, much what my name is. Today is my first day without it :smiley:

And i have pain. But I went and got sushi. Cause sushi makes it all better.

Yum, APAP. Does a liver good :smiley:

I was scared to read this thread merely because enemas were mentioned. :slight_smile: I hope everything goes all right for you. Your attitude is most positive, and that helps a lot!

So why exactly are you in pain? Did they remove the cyst? What’s happening with that? Where was it located anyway?

And yes, vicodin is very good shit.

On my ovary. They think it is causing the pain. I have an ultrasound monday to see if they want to remove it or not. My doctor thinks it may already have ruptured.

Ok now I think why they thought it might be cancer. It’d be surprising though because you’re pretty young, so you probably shouldn’t worry. If you have a dermoid cyst, ask to keep it in a jar or for pictures. You’ll understand if that’s the case and you see it (it might have hair and teeth).

Wow, on your ovary! At least you aren’t pregnant (I’m assuming) - my coworker’s wife had a ovarian cyst that ruptured a few months ago, and she was pregnant at the time (she gave birth on Monday). It made treatment difficult, to put it mildly.

Sin, are we going to start talking The Dark Half? The hair and teeth add personality!

Sin. Thats gross.

I demand an update as to the state of your ovaries.

Sig worthy!

All you need is a picture of my ovaries.


Well the state of my ovaries is that they are separating and one is moving to California. The good news is, I just saved 15% on car insurance by switching to GEICO.

i’ve seen better

You pay your ovaries’ car insurance? What cheapskates

Those there ovaries kinda remind me a of a C’thulhu skull or something.

Feeling better already, are we? :o

Those aren’t my ovaries. They said they’d sue me if I put them on the internet.

But! I don’t have to have surgery.