You all are doing a great job, and none of this would be possible without your devotion. The item data is almost finished, the ability data is more than halfway done. Thanks to Zaraktheus, we now know the shield mechanics. It’s time to start making the tools that will someday develop into a SaGa Frontier Editor.

Things to add to the wiki:
Battle Mechanics Guide
-Zaraktheus already has at least 95% of the shield mechanics down, and the SaGa Frontier Veterans have done a lot of testing.
Gameshark Guide
-EW is probably the most qualified person here. he’s definately more qualified than me.
Complete Walkthrough
-a group effort would be the best way to do this. we have several walkthroughs we could reference on gamefaqs (some of which are out of date and have misleading or just plain wrong information) and it seems the skeleton of a walkthrough is forming on the wiki.
Item Guide, with shop listings and monster drops.
-this will be the easiest to compile, what with most of the data being readily available. largely a matter of comparing existing data to item data.
Ability Guide
-ability info isn’t complete yet.

I will update the datas soon.

Thanks for all your work too, Vimes!

Think you could start putting a “last updated date” in the item/ability dumps, so we can know at a glance when they’ve been updated?

eh… i just updated it this morning… i’ll put the date in future versions. how could i miss that?

and i just realized that most of the stuff i listed that need to be done could easily be done other ways. sometimes, you just need to say something to find out if what you’re saying is stupid/redunant.

i’m dissapointed nobody caught the hilander reference.