End of an Era

Well, it had to happen at some point.

I’ve retired from the FFCompendium.

It was certainly nice while it lasted, but it’s time for me to move on. I’ll still hang around, worry not.

Thanks everyone.

While its sad to see you go, there comes a time when one just needs to move on.

Besides I’m quite sure that there’s plenty of other people out there who are willing to pick up the torch (although I doubt that there’s anybody even half as dedicated as you were).

Good luck towards your future endeavors.


I say this, it was a honor aiding you in any way I could. I hope you name your successor soon.

Thanks for the years of fun stuff, Cid. I’m sure we will still you see pop up to talk about FF from time to time, tho. :wink:

:moogle: :chupon: :ulty: :mwahaha: :ah-ha!: :wave: The FF Smileys sez:

THANK YOU! :slight_smile:

Heh, thanks.

As far as I can tell there is no successor. All my previous tries at getting someone (who wasn’t getting paid) have failed miserably. I’m content to let the site just sit as it is, quite frankly.

I’m not going anywhere, don’t worry. :sunglasses: I’m just not going to administer the FFCompendium website any more.

On the upside, you can enjoy the next FF you’ll play without worrying about walkthroughs and getting all the items for the site. A decade is nothing to sneeze at.

Cid, you did an awesome job with the FFC. I hope that it was a rewarding, enjoyable experience. :slight_smile:

It’s was a good decade for, Cid, there’s no doubt. But maybe you have Dissidia be the last game to add to FFC before you offically retire? A sort of “in full-circle” kind of thing.

This song would be suited for this thread having an “Square kind” of melody.

“Journey Through the Decade” by “FF7,DoC” Gackt

Heh… part of my problem has been all the remakes and spinoffs, and the increasing difficulty of adapting my current data to incorporate all the back-and-forth references. Dissidia would just complicate things more. Something like FF Wiki, which has separate pages for each character, is better equipped to do it.

The experience was certainly rewarding, for many years. Obviously part of the reason why I retired is because it ceased to be so, so I bailed while the going was good. :sunglasses:

A wiki is certainly a more practical way to collect the data from the continuous stream of games. Though I suspect they get a LOT of their stuff from sites like yours, Cid. Not to mention the Compendium was more fun to read. :wink:

Holy shit, this is huge.

Well man, congratulations on your retirement and great job all these years. I’m surprised you didn’t hang yourself when the FF7-spinoff rush first came.

As for the other thing… something like the FF Wiki, maybe, THE FF Wiki, fuck no. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen someone say “NECRON WAS TOTALLY THE LIFA TREE, THE UNIVERSE WAS DESTROYED AND KUJA REVIVED EVERYONE WITH THAT SPELL AT THE END! IT SAYS SO IN THE FF WIKI!” and any attempt at ponting out to the regular editors that none of that makes any fucking sense has been unfruitful to say the least.

One of the things I’d always tried to do with the FFC is limit myself to information I actually know (even Ultimania info wasn’t considered canon). I’d convinced myself it was worth it to have less information (and less timely) because of that… who knows? Maybe the FFC will still be seen as a bastion of actual information in years to come. :sunglasses:

One thing I started noticing when I visited TVTropes were several pages proclaiming that there were male viera in FF12 but they were “hidden away”. This seems to be a persistent idea, but isn’t mentioned ANYWHERE in the game or the sequel.

Cid, you know that the Compendium is like a temple, where FF fanatics come to worship.:wink:
Thanks for “building” it.
Well, now you will have more time to take care of your blog.


I’d give you a 21-moogle salute or something, but the forum software won’t let me use more than six emoticons. Still, thank you for your great service to the internets.

I wish I saw this sooner. The FFCompendium was how I discovered this website, and eventually started posting on the forums. It was and still remains a great resource for the Final Fantasy series. The best part about it is what you already mentioned: no speculation, just facts taken straight from the game. It’s annoying when some fans take liberties in their “interpretations” of the games. That stuff is better left for fanfiction.

But yeah I remember finding your site when I was looking for pictures of Gilgamesh from the series, and found out that your site had a hell of a lot more than just that! I’m happy to hear you’ll keep the site up. Despite my lack of interest in most RPGs now a days, I still liked to check in on the Compendium to look at the graphics, and see what new references there are now.

Thanks for the great website. :chupon:

heres to better things for ya, thanks for the years you’ve done

cidolfas, i have to give you props man, this site is “pheonomanaly bombdiggitty” to say the least, im a huge fan of what youve done and how well youve done it. the pics are top grade the history is spot on and the walkthroughs are absalute, saying that i give you an A+. final fantasy started with nintendo, expanded with playstation and became a legacy, great job in covering all* of the final fantasy series * with the exeption of final fantasy: the last order