Emulator question...

Are there any Gameboy Color emulators in existance that will let you “link” two games as you would with a game-link cable?

If there is, all I need is a name. I can find it myself.

TGB Dual should work. It an emulate two GBs. It’s a Japanese emulator, but I think there’s a English version. YAME does have an option to link two sessions of the emulator, but it had some serious sync problems when I last tried it.
Then there’s no$gmb, but color is a shareware feature (mono is free). Also, sound quality wasn’t that great last I played it.

If my saved games created with VisualBoy still work, that shouldn’t be an issue.

EDIT: Aaand looks like they don’t with TGB. I’ll experiment a bit more later. More info is still appreciated, though.

The problem with linking systems is that two GBs use identical hardware, whereas two PCs use different methods. Timings were consistant with the cable, netwise they’re not. You have two processors running the data that they both get from the user as well as from the link source, so slight timing could screw stuff up. The reason why ZSNES has multiplayer is because it just sends everyone’s inputs around, and the game runs it automatically. Even so, I’ve had games where it missed one critical button and fucked up.

I don’t want to link up things between two different PCs; I want to link up two games on MY PC so I can trade info between them.