Elvis- world's top-earning cadaver

Thanggyouuverrrymuch :slight_smile:

That’s insane. I wish I had even 1/100 of that kind of money.

All i can say is, he deserves that money. Elvis is a GOD.

Indeed he is.

Who’s cashing the checks?

Doesn’t he have a wife? Or something.

Hmm cadaver earning money. Well that’s more than some people will make in their lifetime.

Ironic, isn’t it?

I think the article said his daughter is recieving the money. And, honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever heard an Elvis song. O_o

that is truly sad… (ramza that is…)

I find his music too poppish.

Dr Robert Atkins, of low-carb diet fame, fell off the list this year.

In your FACE! :mwahaha:

If somebody can make that much dead, and we make so little alive, what the hell is wrong in this world?

Artists are notorious for making more money after their deaths. Paintings and such go for millions after they die. That is rather striking how much money his estate (using wrong word here?) still makes.

They accept US$ in the afterlife?

Betcha Tupac catches up sooner or later. Motherfucker’s been dead for 5+ years and still new albums come out and the cash continues to flow…

And don’t forget The Notorious BIG and John Lennon/George Harrison. They’re making waves too.

And Americinsycho, you are correct about your usage of the word estate.