Elder Scrolls 3 : Morrowind.

Anyone know if there is someone who will barter with me, who also has enough money to buy some of the more expensive items in the game?

ie- Orcish Curiass/Boots: 2000 each
Glass Jinxblade: 6500

Maybe even a the grand soul gem for 60k? :smiley: Or some of the 100k+ unique blades? I really need money, but cant seem to find a merchant with enough money :frowning:

Well, if you go to sleep for 24 hours the merchant has full money again :smiley: (i think) dunno its really hard for me not to just give up and go around killing npcs <_<

also here is a guide to npc merchants

Haha, same for me man. I had to make a new game 'cause i killed off pretty much all of balmora. :stuck_out_tongue:

do you got all the expansion on it? either way there is one person who got 5k gold on him thats all you just gotta even out the stuff by buying it and then sell it the next day, i dont know any exact to it though :no2:

(i never looked at the link from MASTER_OF_NOOBS)

Alright- First off, you should always sell to Creeper. He’s an NPC that looks like a Scamp in Caldera, Ghorak Manor. The reason? He’ll always buy your items at full price. He doesn’t have a disposition meter, either. You might of killed him, but if you did, I believe there’s a Mudcrab merchant that’s the same as him, but it’s on some island somewhere, and I’m not sure where it is exactly. Now, Creeper may only have 5000 gil on him, but you can do some creative buying/selling.

First off, sell that orc junk. Rest 24 hours to renew his money. Now, buy one of the items for 2000 from Creeper, so he has 7000, then sell the Glass Jinxblade. Now, rest again, and sell him the 2000 gold item. Voila.

:hint: Easy cash, I’m gonna put it in Spoiler form because you may not want to use this method, but it’s rather tempting.

Head to Vivec, and to the Foreign Quarter Plaza. (Very top of the Canton, huge door. Right outside the Mage’s Guild, if you warp there.) Now, on the side with the mages guild, you should see a flowerbox type thing. Jump behind this. It should be “connected” to the wall of ther Mage’s Guild, and since NPCs can’t jump, they can’t get past. Nor can they see you, to fine you. Use this to your advantage, and range the Ordinator however you wish. He should come running at you, but won’t be able to initiate dialog because he “can’t see you.” Hack away 'til he’s dead, grab his 33k worth of armor, sell to Creeper. The Ebony Mace is 12k and the Cuirass is 7k, so use creative buying/selling. Note: Do NOT equip the head or cuirass and talk to an Ordinator, for then ALL Ordinators will attack you on sight, and it is irreversible. Some people have claimed that the Ordinator got through the closed area, so save first.

Thanks Scias :cool:

No problem. And, while we’re at it, why not make this the Official Morrowind Thread? For Morrowind discussion for all four of us.

Anyways, I’ve recently been working on a Samurai class, and it’s going fairly well. And no, it isn’t an “OGMFZ I R UES TEH K@T@N@!” type of Samurai, it’s a Spear/Bow/Hand-To-Hand/Katana type of Samurai, since the Samurai varied with their weaponry. No, it isn’t a “Major Skill: Long Sword, Spear, Bow, Hand-To-Hand etc.” type of build, it’s a more… “sophisticated” one. And it’s gone very well. Here’s the build.

Specification: Combat
Abilities: Endurance, Strength
Race: Dunmer
Sign: The Lady

Major Skills: Long Blade, Hand-To-Hand, Marksman, Restoration, Speechcraft
Minor Skills: Armorer, Security, Sneak, Mysticism, Enchant

Alright, I admit, this build makes pretty much no sense. But it works well, and just as I thought it would- By level 6, I had 100 Endurance, and fairly high Speed, including 50 Medium Armor, 50 Heavy Armor, 50 Spear, and 70 H2H (might be a bit off.) I decided not to raise my Long Sword at all, since I didn’t want to be too reliant on it.

The trick is to level Spear, Medium A, and Heavy A 10 times before you level by raising your H2H by 10. You also might want to raise your Blunt Weapon, or some other Strength-based skill, by 10 as well. This will allow you to get x5 Multipliers for your Strength, Speed, and Endurance. Do this up to level 6. It’ll be a hassle to do without trainers, so I suggest their use. You don’t HAVE to level both Medium A and Heavy A, since Spear’s gonna get you that Endurance x 5 anyway. Actually, You don’t have to use either, if you want to use light or unarmored, but my recommended gear is Medium/Heavy. Once at level 6, you might want to switch to using Marksman, to level that up, since most of the early quests will be fairly easy with 70 H2H.

Alright, now, for the good part- The reccomended gear. This is all mostly just really useful stuff, not much having to do with being a Samurai.

Daedric Dai-Katana
Cast On Strike
Levitate 1 pts. on Touch for 3 seconds (So you know, it’s the same as lowering Speed by 99 pts. on something that has 100 Speed, since the magnitude of Levi is the speed you move with it on.)
Restore Fatigue 10 pts. on Self for 3 seconds
Absorb Health 1-80 on Touch

Composite Long Bow
Auriel’s Bow
Cast When Used
Fortify Marksman 10 pts. on Self for 15 seconds

Mail of the Shogun
Orcish Armor
Cast When Used
Sanctuary 1-18 pts. on Self for 20 seconds
Fortify Long Blade 1-11 pts. on Self for 20 seconds

Her Greaves (Found in Mournhold, part of the Tribunal Expansion. Found on Almalexia’s Hands, which are her guards.)
Constant Effect Fortify Medium Armor 5 pts.

Fists of Randagulf (Found in Ilunbi, which is North of Gnaar Mok, I think.)
Constant Effect
Fortify Strength 20 pts. (Right gauntlet)
Fortify Agility 20 pts. (Left Gauntlet)

Face of the Samurai
Orcish Helm
Constant Effect
Fortify Long Blade 1-11 pts. on Self

Right Deltoid
Orcish Right Pauldron
Cast When Used
Restore Health 1-21 pts. on Self

Left Deltoid
Orcish Left Pauldron
Cast When Used
Restore Strength 19 pts. on Self
Restore Endurance 19 pts. on Self

Feet of Honor (I never found feet very Honorable, but oh well. Couldn’t think of anything else.)
Royal Guards Boots (Again, in Tribunal, you’ll get a full set of Royal Guard during the Tribunal Main Quest.)
Cast When Used
Levitate 10 pts. on Self for 10 seconds

Well, there you have it. I just HAD to type it up. I feel like I’ve accomplished something in my life now. And there was much rejoicing.

Ever feel like helping out our shrine with some sort of guide, go for it ^_~

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I’d like to help with the shrine, but I’m really not as knowledgable about Morrowind as you think I am.

Alright, so I am.

But really, I learned it all from a good friend of mine. I recently sent an E-Mail to him telling about this place. He’d probably like to help. He’s only 13, but don’t underestimate his 1337 knowledge of the Elder Scrolls- It’s like, the only game he’s ever played in a while. A looong while. We both have it for the Xbox, but I’m pretty sure he knows what the differences between it for the Xbox and PC are. I assume he’ll be posting soon, though I don’t know when.

Again, I’d really like to help with the Shrine, but I’m lacking of time.

there some god in that game, called dagoth’ur or somthing like that, anyway My friend got to him and pretty much got his ass handed to him, It was kinda funny cause his just a skinny dude with a mask, not a “Big thing” from the heavens. When I get my game back I’ll have a crack at it. I’m thinking I’m gonna be a deranged Lunatic Warrior :booster:

Being a deranged lunatic warrior isnt fun, it gets old really fast

Its cool dude. Anyways, you should all check out the mog mod.


kk I need some help with the boots of blinding speed,
sometimes i use it and i can still see farely well, other times i cant see shit.
if someone could tell me an item i can use to counteract the blinding effect,and where i can get it thatd be sweet.

Edit: thx Urk i’d have never thought of that. :hahaha;

If you can get your total resist magicka to be at 100%, then put the boots on, it’ll stop the blinding effect and still let you go a lot faster. Also, don’t worry if the resist magicka runs out once you’ve put them on, it still won’t blind you until you take them off and put them back on again without resist magicka.

Anyone know anything about this glitch? You drop everything except ‘sunder’ and summon a bound mace, then hold ‘attack’ to swing sunder and hit ‘action’ to switch weapons rapidly. You’ll switch between the bound mace and sunder, boosting your strength and luck permanantly. I wonder if it even works.

I’m not sure about that glitch, but there is something called the Target Effect Glitch. (some call it the soultrap glitch, even though you don’t need soultrap to use it.) You can pretty much perma any spell, including stats, levitation, light, and things like that. Not sure, but I think the spell you want to fortify has to be on Self.

I’ma put it in spoilers, since it’s cheating and I don’t recommend it until you’ve beaten the game.

[SPOILER]Make a spell/enchantment like so-
Spelltype: Doesn’t matter.
Range: Target
Magnitude: 0 to 0 (Might have to be 1-1, haven’t played in a while.)
Duration: 1 sec
Area: 0

Let’s use perma-strength as an example:

Spelltype: Fortify Strength
Range: Self
Magnitude: X to X (X=How much you want to perma-fortify)
Duration: 1 sec

Now, look directly at the ground, make sure no one’s in front of you, and cast it. If I’m right, the fortification should last 4EVAR!!!111lelevenses [/SPOILER]

Now, about this shrine help… What exactly do you need for completion?

i forgot to quote but dev, if you equip sunder without the special gauntlets you’ll be mortally wounded and just drop and die.