So … Ego really IS you, then!

Well, duh.

I I am borededed

Spoony’s plot divice:

Pick a villin and designate how many transformations s/he will make between 2-5.

1.Has villan obtained god like powers?
Yes: Remove/incapasitate 1 chacacter
No: Transform villan and return to question 1

2.Has villan followed the evil handbook?
Yes: Have villan perform a cliche and overly complex plan.

  1. Have the heros descoved where chacacter “X” is being held?
    Yes: Pick one:
    a. Send chacters to a tower
    b. Send chacacters to an underground dongon.
    c. Send chacacters to a floating island.
    No: Have the villian show up and tell them.

  2. If Character “X” is being held by a minion of villan {
    Then: Character escapes on their own minuts before the heros show up
    Else: Have chacracter get mad enough to destroy a tower like Zero }

  3. Hit a wrighters block? Randomly pick one:
    Filler (90% Tilt)
    steal from other comics (2%tilt)
    Cameo (3% tilt)
    make some inane shit up (5% tilt)
    make up an excuse (1% Tilt)

total calculation (101%)… Experement… Failed.

We are sorry, but this program has preformed an iligal operation and will be shit down. Your on your own buddy.


If you’re that bored, Vicious, door’s to your left.

Not with the comic ;P. I was waiting on some people to show up for a quest on FFXI and it was taking a while, and nothing was on TV. What you see is the outcome of that mix.

Just saw today(well yesterdays since it’s almost 3AM) comic… Never thought I’d influence somthing like that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Actually the Tower was originally something I constructed for something else entirely (poor ill-fated Final Fallacy) ditto for the interior. The chipset I ripped and composed myself, taking it from Dragon Quest 6.

And now you know.

Hmm. Incidentally, looks like you’re about to hit #444:smiley: