Eggman is dead

No really, he is.

Why am I always the last informed about this stuff? =(

Rest in peace Doc.

No way! I can’t beLIIIIIIIIIIIEVE this!

Rest in peace, man.

Now they’re going to get some new voice that they think sounds like him, but really doesn’t.

He was also the voice of Meshif in Diablo 2

BlazeHedgehog of MoogleMB stated that he was “…the best, most consistent voice actor to grace the Sonic games”.

In other words, he sucked slightly less than all the others.

But it’s still sad that the guy died…


At least we still have Girly-X to console us, but how long will (s)he last?

Died in a singles club? Sounds to me like someone didn’t mix the drinks very well…

I like Ishiwatari Daisuke’s solution to the problem. The voice is dead, kill the character.

You cannot kill Eggman in the Sonic Series! >< Blasphemacy


It’s sad that he died, but he was just about the worst voice Robotnik ever had.

It’s game voicing, the standards aren’t precisely high besides for some God-sent exceptions here and there.

Hughs LoK: Soul Reaver

Who’s going to make my omlets now?

Sigma should kill Robotnik.

I charge $50 an egg.

Well, at least then he’s doing ONE death right …

Yeah… But I have to admit the voice in Sonic Heroes was funny, along with those weird teeth. God, I always made fun of those. XD

But it’s a shame, really. Especially considering that some of the voices in Sonic X’s dubbed versions were rather distasteful.

And whoa… Sigma vs. Eggman? Why didn’t I think of that? Now that would be funny.

It can’t be.

If we don’t kill the character, let’s at least kill the name. Eggman sounds retarded. Can’t we go back to calling him “Dr. Robotnik?” And as for the best voice over in the Sonic universe? Puh-lease. We all know that award goes to TV’s Urkel, <A HREF=“”>Jaleel White</A>, for his job as Sonic in various TV series.