Edumacate me on Pokeyman

I haven’t played a Pokemon game since Red and Blue (and yellow). If I want to collect every single pokemon that has come out since then, will I need to go as far back as ruby and sapphire (considering Gold/Silver have just been rerelased), or are all the pokemon available in the pairs of the more recent titles?

If you want them all you’re going to have to first wait since all ain’t all anymore. Once Black & White hit the shelves, then you should start worrying about catching them all again.

Otherwise Ruby and Sapphire are as good of a place to start as any.

(Also, you better hope to meet some very generous dudes as you missed out on a lot of Event Only Pokemons.)

Haha Im not that anal. I guess a better way to word the question is are all of the pokemon from older versions in later versions? Like, let’s say I start out with B/W; will all the pokemon from all versions up to that point be in B/W?

There’s no telling. You can get pretty damn close to all the current ones in Heart Gold/Soul Silver, though.

The way I understand it now, pretty much all (ok, most of them; silly events and stuff) Pokemon can be obtainable in some way or form from the 4th Gen games (everything from Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, SoulSilver, and HeartGold). So you don’t need any of the GBA games unless you really want them.

The current-gen Pokémon games (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum & HeartGold/SoulSilver) also have the Global Trade Station system, which means you can trade your monsters with anyone across WiFi. You can either put up a Poke of your own up for trade or search for one you at least have a visual sighting of in your Pokedex.

Convenient if you absolutely have no other way to trade. Also, previous gen pokes can be transferred from GBA cartidges via a Pal Park system, which downloads 6 monsters from your Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald or Leafgreen/Firered in a safari zone-esque manner.

Kids these days have it easy, “When I was your age, I had to ASK someone if they had the game and this monster with that attack and nature and EV training and psychics were broken and there was no metaing about Scizor…” (Not to mention having to use a LINK CABLE)

Don’t forget about being able to glitch out hundreds of Rare Candies/Master Balls for fast leveling/filling out teh pokedex. I miss the old gang. My level 100 Jolteon, Golem, Venusaur, Larpas, Alakazam, Snorlax, and all the rest ;_;.

With that said, for the most part you can get most of the current 493 Pokes with any of the fourth gen games, but you will either have to trade or hunt down the GBA games for the first/third gen starters/legendaries (at least with HG/SS you don’t need to worry about having to get the gen 2 starters/legendaries through one of the colosseum games).

1st gen starters? You mean you can’t have Pika pika pika in your party otherwise?

You can’t catch em all without hacking anymore. There are only so many legit Celebis, Arceus’ etc. to go around, and they can’t be bred. The only complete set you’ll be able to catch is the 150 Kanto pokemon, which can be done in red+blue or firered+leafgreen, or yellow with considerably more effort. If you want to catch all of the currently available legit ones, you’ll have to go back to ruby and sapphire and be prepared for a LOT of trading and importing over the course of weeks.

Ultratech is wrong, you can’t get all the Hoenn pokemon with just 4th gen games. And I wouldn’t bet on Kanto either. If you want to catch em all from any region, you really need to be playing the games that revolve around that region, or spend a lot of time in the GTS… which is less fun imo.

For what it’s worth, I applaud your borderline insanity. I got the original 150 in Red (Plus surfing Pikachu from Pokemon Stadium, which is also where I got my Eevees), put the game down and jumped out of the franchise forever. I could not possibly go back now, I can barely understand what people say when they talk about Pokemon nowadays.

Also, I’m sorry, but many of the most recent critters look REALLY dumb. I mean, flaming monkey? Seriously Nintendo? That’s your replacement for goddamn Charizard? A flaming fucking monkey?

Its easy to get back into it… after only playing Blue like 12 years ago, I started on Crystal this year and just took it one game at a time. Your knowledge won’t be seamless, but you’ll put it all together eventually. Most of the RBY Pokemon are just as stupid as DPP ones, we were just too young to care back then.

That was supposed to be a nod to Son Gokuu of Journey to the West fame (and not DB fame).

But yes, its nearly impossible to have all 493 pokemon without cheating or getting really lucky in GTS (the biggest problem is that nobody will want anything you have outside of a shiny and that’ll take a couple of months to come across even one if you’re fortunate enough).

Gotta catch 'em all. Pokémon!

I love how Hades is a secret Pokemon master. My opinion of you just went up.

Actually, you can get pretty damn close, barring cetain Legendaries, events, and all that BS. Hell, with SoulSilver and HeartGold you can almost get all the Legendaries from Gen 1-3; it’s ridiculous. A lot of the Hoenn pokes are found by weird methods in the 4th gen games (Pokeradar, Swarms, Safari Zone, etc.). And you can get the 1st/3rd Gen starters in HG/SS (you pretty much have to beat the game to do it).

But, I’ll say Hades is right about not really being able to catch 'em all anymore without cheating, hacking, or cloning. But last I checked, the big thing going around was Cloning.

“Pretty damn close” is not “all.” I know there’s a handful that are there.

Over the last 2 years places like Toys ‘R’ Us and GameStop have been hosting the occasional Pokemon Event for the fourth gen games in the US. Along with some of the incredibly esoteric ones to get like Mew and Manphy (the former you can get from the Pokemon WiiWare title if you pump like 1000 pokes into it and the later requires getting an otherwise lovely spin-off) it is theoretically possible to have them all save for the Gen 2’s event mon (and this will probably change soon enough as well).

But again, Gen V is right around the corner so be prepared to still not have them all (especially if its as legendary/event heavy as Gen 4 was).

Meh, I’ve never really said “all” at any point. Maybe alluded to it, but fuck it if I’m gonna get into an argument about this. -_-
Seems you were somewhat right about still needing the GBA games though, for the Regis. I was still going off memory that you could get 'em in Platinum (and you can, but it’s Event-related BS).
So my bad if I didn’t make myself clear.

Personally, I don’t care for whole Event business. Really annoying.

All this talk about Pokemon lately makes me wanna start up HG/SS again…especially since I don’t really have a DS game I’m playing right now.