Eddie Guerrero (1967-2005)


I’m not a wrestling fan anymore, but goddamn that guy rocked


Aw fuck. He was one of the greatest ever too. Maybe he and Owen will get into the HoF the next go around. :confused:

He was the sole reason I started watching wrestling again…
On a total dork side note this fucks up the storyline immeansely

Yea it does. I remember hearing about him in the ads for the next PvP.

:noway: I think some of the stress of losing Dominick may have been a factor…still…that’s still going to be a big loss for the WWE…

That’s too bad. I’m not a fan of wrestling anymore, but I remember the last full episode I watched of Smack Down, Eddie was married to China. Or something weird like that! Fucking soap operas…

Even so I haven’t watched wrestling in years, I do remember Eddie back on WCW and later WWF (before they changed their name). Sad to hear he died…since I remember hearing ads about him for the next pay-per-view.

Yeah. He defeated Ken Kennedy (Kennedy…) for a spot in the Survivor Series main event match at Survivior Series. They were also currently building up something between him and Batista. But then this happened. :confused:

I hope they let Chavo go back to being Chavo because of this.

Holy shit damn, I loved Eddie. :frowning:


I think WWE needs a better website designer.

That’s old, Rirse. That’s from like 8 AM this morning when they first found out. It’s all since been replaced with Eddie tribute stuff.

I know that 984. I just checked their frontpage before I posted that link.

Dammit, that’s really, really, really terrible. Way to ruin my day…=(

There were three wrestlers in the current WWE that I liked: Eddie, Chris Benoit and Christian, and now… well… yeah…

I don’t really watch much wrestling anymore, but this probably hits me the hardest of any wrestling death… outside of Owen Hart, of course.

There are way, way, way, way too many wrestlers who die tragically young…

Curt “Mr. Perfect” Hennig, Owen Hart, Louie Spicolli, “Ravishing” Rick Rude, Yokozuna, Andre the Giant, “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith, Miss Elizabeth, Chris Candido, Renegade, Crash Holly, Road Warrior Hawk…

Hell, every time a hear about a wrestling death, I do some online research, and I always find a couple wrestlers who died young in the meantime, but I never heard about… Just today I found out that Ray “Big Bossman” Traylor died last year (why did I never hear about that?), and I never knew that “‘Big Dick’ Dudley” or Bobby Duncan Jr. were dead either…

Anyway, my point is, while some of the causes of death are obvious (Owen Hart’s accident, Renegade killed himself, and Yokozuna and Andre the Giant were as big as houses), there are too many wrestlers who are in perfect health one day, and are found dead in their hotel rooms the next morning. I don’t know if it’s drugs or steroids or what, but there’s obviously SOMETHING wrong and they need to do SOMETHING about it.

RIP Eddie…

Most of the time, it’s the drugs of all sorts or simply building their bodies bigger than their hearts can withstand.
Anyway, it sucks, but I guess it’s part of what people pay for a lifestyle, and the pleasure they bring people and the enjoyment they may have in the course of their life probably balances it out; live fast, die young, you know.

While not a wrestler, Lord Alfred Hayes died this year too. They aired a five minute montage set to some music for him.

Anyway, for anyone interested, both Raw and SmackDown! this week will have special tribute episodes for Eddie. Raw comes on Monday at 9 PM ET on USA. SD! comes on Friday at 8 PM ET on UPN. Both shows will be speeches about Eddie given by friends, video montages of Eddie, and tribute matches. Raw will even open with a tribute video of Eddie set to Cash’s rendition of Hurt.

I’m gonna cry so much watching Raw, I know it.

It’s just really really really really really really sad.

Big bossman’s dead too? ;;
I loved that guy ;

I just watched the Raw tribute to Eddie. Damn was it moving. My VCR didn’t work, but I have it TiVoed so I can make it work in the next few days. Just the speeches from Chavo, Rey, Benoit… Everyone agreed he truly was one of the best, both in the ring and as a person. Stephanie McMahon basically confirmed rumors that Eddie was gonna win the World Heavyweight title at the taping too. Just… I can’t wait for SmackDown, but I also wish it never happens. This just seems like… a dream. He was my favorite, and I’ll never get to see him again.

Viva la raza.

Drug abuse is rampant in the pro wrestling world - it’s been going on for years, but it’s just that people talk about it more now since there’s not so much mystery surrounding the industry as before. It really sucks being able to tick off dead wrestling personalities on my fingers and for so many of them to have had drug problems that lead to their deaths in one way or another.