Ebay hacker

MSNBC article about ebay hacking. Really stupid, half the stuff they call “techniques” are processes a monkey could figure out.

Anyway, its still a good 5 minute read-

I’ve gotten emails like that before, thankfully I ignored them, and didn’t supply my password like an idiot.

I got some wierd email like that in a Yahoo! account once. Why they’d want it, I don’t know.

I just started using ebay, and I’m probably overly cautious. The thing that astounds me is how people will make themselves available for scamming by doing things like giving out usernames and passwords and moving outside the ebay auction process to get a “better deal”. I don’t know if some people are being greedy, but ebay works the way it does for a reason. That’s why they tell you not to do some of the things the scammees do.

Ahem, that isn’t a “hacker” (Which 99.9% Of the comp population use to refer to a Cracker). He’s a scammer. There’s a big difference. Crackers just take what they can with a few simple scripts. Scammers work at it and take the money right out of the person’s pocket, and they know they’re doing it.

This is scaring me away from buying stuff online:fungah:

This is why I don’t buy stuff online.

Eh, I’ve always had no troubles with ebay. Though I’m not exactly a frequent buyer, I only use it if there’s something I really want that I can’t find locally. Just gotta play it smart while you use the site, that’s all.

And it is all thanks to stupid people.


God Dammit !!!

Just when I was going “hunting”… :too bad;

The service better get back soon… oh man, most users must be REALLY pissed off by now…

Edit : For the record, I did not get such an email, and second, I wouldn’t fall for those gimmicks.

Originally posted by Dark Paladin
This is why I don’t buy stuff online.

Oh pish posh…you’re more likely to be ripped off like this in real life than online, just dont be dumb enough to fall for these tricks.