Ebaumsworld sucks

<a href=“http://www.ebaumsworldsucks.com/”>okay</a>


I don’t go to either EW or SA, so meh. But if what they said is true, then ebaum’s sucks.

Ebaums sucks mostly for the fact that I’ve yet to see one intelligent person visit the place.

Edit: Hay pierson u got :10bux: 4 me? lolol
seriously though, pm in chat if you’re not there already.

Well, that’s obvious. You go there, after all.



Flashbattle! Woo And the peasants rejoice.

That song was pretty funny.


I didn’t realize there was so much drama between SA and Mr. Ebaum. :\

I like that website, it has some pretty funny stuff. You guys might not agree, but i dont care.

That stuff isn’t from that website.

Ebaumsworld is pretty much all content stolen from other websites without giving any mention of the original authors. Thats why a lot of people hate it. Perpetuation of the cycle by ignorance and apathy is what caused this issue in the first place.

SA is a site based around original (subjective) comedy and makes enough money to keep the maintainers in a pretty good living, whereas eBaum’s World is a site that revolves around taking the work of others often without permission and hosting it up through several pages of ads and makes Eric Bauman millions of dollars. I’d say SA have a pretty good reason for hating him.

I can’t think of any intelligent person that DOESN’T hate him.

Then again, I don’t go to this type of sites very often.

There’s no justice like Goon justice.

I still cant get over spoony actually posting in threads. If Lunaris posted in the same thread as spoony, I thin my head would explode.

Yes, this post has no point, except to mention how awesome the above people are :smiley:

Who or what is an ebaumsworld? :frowning:

A winner is Lowtax.

I love you so much. Never visit the site mentioned in the flash :slight_smile:

I find it hard to believe he makes substantial amounts of cash off that stuff.