Eat The Hippo

Take it eat it!


The Monkey Paw thread (as cool as it is, yes) wishes it could have the longevity of this one.

Ya know, I’ve never actually posted in either of the “Eat the Hippo!” threads…

not again

Hippo again?

eats the line-dancing skeletons…er, hippo

I thought the picture posting thread was the king of long ass threads.

That’s true, but that’s different, dammit! CH, you so do not rock. I’m still in denial.

Besides, my comment was deliberately ambiguous, lol.

I think the Porn thread deserves a mention if we’re talking about long threads.

Maybe you need to wish for it to be the longest thread Vicki. >:P

(Oh, and I get it, haha)

Eat the Puppy!