East Coast Party

This is by no means like gonna be soon, but I want to figure out housing. There’s a chance, depending on the number of people who would be coming, that I could host it. I live in southeastern Massachusetts, and I believe the closest people to me are Shin or GG. So if you’d be willing to come up for it, do post so I can get an approximate count.

And suggest a possible time/duration.

And if you could possibly host it yourself and where you live.

And if you wouldn’t go to Mass, how far would you go for a meet?

As I’ve said before, I can’t host. BUT my schedule is extremely flexible, so I can go at almost any date. I don’t care where it is, but someone else is going to have to arrange my transportation no matter what.

I figure I could make the drive, as soon as I get my license. Out of curiosity, what’s the name of your town/city, so I can get a better clue as to how far I’d have to drive? Hell, I might even be able to pick up GG along the wya, and we’d both come.

Bridgewater, MA 02324-1301

I could host, maybe, but i live in south-east PA, a little far away from the rest of you.

Anyway, if we finally get one going, i’ll go. Distance really doesn’t matter, not like i’ve got anything better to do.

I would do my damnedest to come to the meet.

Hmm… Assuming I stop to pick up GG, I could be there in about 7-8 hours;GG’d only need about two hours. Seems good enough for me.

Either Dev’s or Cala’s place is fine with me.

edit: I only live about 30 minutes from Connecticut, if it cuts too much out of your time Val, I could grab em.

Damn that’s a couple days out from Tampa.

Well, it WOULD save me about an hour or two of time, so sure, why not?

I’m considering an RPGConfederacy party near the end of beginning/middle of August next summer. It wholly depends on my employment status that summer though. Just to letting the good Southern Gentlemen and fair Southern belles of RPGC know about this potential plan.

Ha, that’s cool. I’d be down for the RPGConfederacy.

Anyway, as far as going up north and shit, I intend on getting a job well before then. I’d be down to go, maybe not driving all the way up there but perhaps flying.

Steve! Pick me up! :DD

Count me in.

Ramza’s are not allowed.

I forget where you live, nukka.

Looks like I’ll be the only female so far. Sweet.

Took you guys long enough to start getting this organized. =P

Massachusetts owns. We win the first World Series in 86 years, have a two Super Bowl streak, and have the best damn state military. I know this b/c I’m in the 182nd Infantry…the nation’s first Infantry. We own.

Nukka? >.>; I live in NEBRASKA! :DDD LINCOLN