I don’t know what it was, but I was really bored and I downloaded Earthbound. I’ve done this before, periodically I’ll download it and play it and hate it and delete it, but for some reason, this time it’s different, and I kind of like it. It’s kind of clever in a modern sort of way.

Anyway, I’m “feeling strange” and I’ve got a mushroom over my head. What the fuck is this and how do I get rid of it?

It’s a nasty status ailment that randomly flips around your controls for moving around, as well as causes you to “feel funky” in battle, occasionally redirecting your attacks to yourself or your allies. To cure it, walk over to a Hospital (which may be tough in this condition) OR the girl in Peaceful Rest Valley who’s picking mushrooms. Speak to the Healer (he’s the guy with the greyish hair) if you’re visiting the Hospital. They’ll pay you 50 dollars for the mushroom, and you’ll be good as new!

It means you’re stoned. You’ve got a “shroom” on your head. -.-

Expect that kind of humour throughout. As for how to get rid of it, I think you just need to walk around a bit, or I could be wrong. Check the shrine.

Or listen to Dalton.

Dalton’s right. The one status ailment that you really need to look out for is “Homesickness.” Only Ness can get it, and there’s no indication that you’ve got it other than you’ll randomly think of your favorite food (or some other nostalgic thing) during battle, instead of attacking or healing or whatever. You can check your status screen to see if you’ve got it. The only three ways to cure homesickness are to either go back to your house in Onett and talk to your mother, call your mother on the phone, or die.

If you’re lucky enough to have an Egg that has hatched into a Chick (but not grown into a Chicken), I think using the Chick also cures homesickness. After all, doesn’t seeing chicks make everyone happy?

Oh yes, everyone likes looking at chicks.

I can’t believe I still haven’t played this game. To be honest, I really don’t know much at all about it. Could someone somewhat educated on the matter provide some information?

I never said before because I figured someone would point and laugh, lol. :smiley:

Earthbound is all about the big heads

But seriously, Earthbound is the adventure of this kid called Ness who’s told by this alien bug that the Apple of Enlightenment foretold that Ness will someday wtfpwn Gigyas, and so Gigyas is sending agents THRU TIME to wtfpwn Ness first. So Ness goes on a quest to fill a soundstone with sounds to gain the power to wtfpwn Gigyas and accomplish his destiny.

Pretty standard RPG plot, but it’s the humor and wackyness that kind of sets it apart. Cranky old ladies, hippies, walking piles of barfs, annoying old party men, cute lil’ UFO, the list goes on for wierd enemies and the dialogue is up to par. Truthfully, it’s a game you should at least try, the gameplay is pretty solid and fun, too.

Dear Nintendo:



How did they get the name Earthbound from Mother anyway?

There is going to be a Mother 1+2+3 pack coming out for GBA. M3 will be a new game, not the cancelled one, though. Theres a good chance Nintendo will bring it out here, though.

If you’re lieing I will cut out your tongue. I’ve waited so long for the sweet, sweet earthbound loving. ;_;

I want it almost enough to drop out of school, fly to… where-ever the Nintendo office is in North America, and petition for the arival of earthbound… but honestly, I’d rather someone else ruin their life before I go. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not in Japan, and no confirmation of Mother 1+2 or Mother 3 for the US. Plus, no date on Mother 3, or any information as to whether or not Mother 3 has moved from GBA to DS or any other platform. Once again, Nintendo got us Mother/Earthbound fans’ hopes up, and then let us slowly forget what they said until we realize that we’re not getting jack.

[edit] However, I’m doing my part to get Mother 1+2 translated into english; I’m trying to import a copy now. Every game I’ve ever imported (with the exception of those for dead systems) immediately gets translated. Even two year old games (like Shining Soul, when I imported that). This one’s gonna be hard, though, since Nintendo more or less called the GBA dead at the last E3.

Redmond, Washington. Let’s go.

Zero did a fantastic job explaining it, which is good, cause I don’t think I’m cool enough to use the verb “wtfpwn” in a sentence… you know, other than that one. The only thing he didn’t mention, though, is that it uses the standard Dragon Quest battle system (can’t see your characters, can see your enemies, all attacks/etc are menu driven, all battle action is described in full sentences, etc), but the battles aren’t random; you run into enemies on the world map as they walk around. If, say, you run into an Annoying Reveler, and a New Age Retro Hippie is near by and notices, and runs toward you before the battle starts, the battle will be against an Annoying Reveler and a New Age Retro Hippie.