EA Games goes to WAR!!

Against warez:

Like they need another reason for us to hate them. >_<

EA already backed down from this, you’re like a week late.

PC gaming is dead. I don’t know why anyone would try anymore. The only people left around with any clout are Valve and Blizzard. Everyone else just keeps getting fucked, as Crytek and many other companies have indicated. We’ll see what id does when they release doom 4. That’ll be interesting…

Are you sure? I read that EA removed one of the security features, the checking your game every 10 days thing, but left all the other issues. They may have backed down farther and I haven’t read that yet.

Also, what bothers me is that I read that when you install Mass Effect some security thing is installed onto your computer that doesn’t come off even if you uninstall Mass Effect.

SecuROM has been the status quo for PC games for awhile now and the big uproar was just over the 10 day online validation requirement.

No love for Stardock? Its games don’t hit the headlines every month but it is PC exclusive company does well with a no CD copy protection policy to boot.

I can’t really picture how Doom 4 will invigorate PC gaming since it will probably be multi-platform.

I don’t know what Stardock does, don’t really care and I don’t think they generate income comparable to a successful console release or a Blizzard or Valve game. Read a few interviews at gameindustry.biz and you’ll see what people have to say about pc gaming on the production side. Its not pretty. When 80+% of the people playing your game are pirating it, I can estimate that that eats a chunk of your income if only half of those would’ve bought it.