You have to have some kind of affiliation with a gaming company or somthing, right? You cant pay for tickets, can you?

I think you have to be sleeping with someone in the gaming industry

Yeah, you have to prove some association with the game industry. I’m not sure if you have to prove your assocation and buy a ticket too. Maybe you could show them your affiliation with RPGC.

Affiliation with the gaming industry. A minimum would be working at a store where they sell video games or something. A basic ticket costs $325.

Industry employees (work for a major company that sells games) get in for free, mainstream press (major metropolitan newspapers, Newsweek, etc) get in for free, larger industry publications (Ziff Davis, IGN, Gamespot) get in for free or pretty close to free, some people are invited (to the best of my knowledge, Penny Arcade was invited by Ubisoft) and they get in for free, corporate level employees of retailers get in for free, and everyone else pays. Smaller media outlets pay, individual employees of game retailers pay, unknown websites pay. The public is not allowed in the convention.

What is E3?

Well I work for RPGC, can I get in for free?

No. We’re not a major video game news site. In fact, we’re not a video game news site.

Eva: E3 is the Electronic Entertainment Expo, which is where all new games and systems are announced, disclosed, or publicly shown, often for the first time. It’s a little anti-climactic this year because all of the new systems have already been revealed. Pretty much every game news site will be talking about it (from IGN.com to Gamespot.com to the-magicbox.com, even windowsmedia.com and cnn.com are reporting on it), as well as G4 TV and most major newspapers and magazines. Information on the convention itself can be found at www.e3expo.com, or any major gaming news site (like those listed above). It’s put on every year by the <A HREF=“http://www.theesa.com/”>ESA</A>, who were formerly the IDSA, and are also known for making the ratings that appear on the boxes of all games sold in North America, and for shutting down emulation sites.

Since the convention has gotten so big over the last 10 years, I’m keeping the possibility open that you may have been sarcastic in asking what it was, but in the off chance that you, or someone else, didn’t know what it was, I figured I should give a decent response.

You suck

I believe that the people who made the rules suck far harder than I do.

You also need to be 18 to get in if I remember the age limit correctly.

E3 is only once a year, right?

Yes. Typically it’s around the last week of May.

Thanks Saturn, I honestly didn’t know what it was. Haha.

Damn, ok, i’ll go next year.