Dynasty Warriors 4

I was just wondering whether it is possible to get a Level 10 Weapon, for “Custom characters”, or whether their highest is the Level 9 Weapons?

So please if anyone knows please tell me. Thanks in advance.

Indeed it is. The custom character sword, spear, pike, bastard sword, and rapier all have a level 10 variety. I know I found a decent list of where to get all the level 10 weapons, and I’m pretty sure it was off of GameFAQs.

I’ve got the great sword and the rapier into 10th weapons.

A list from a neoseeker FAQ.

Weapon: Phoenix Tail
Power: +54
Stage: The Yellow Turban Fortress
Requirements: In under 6 minutes defeat Cheng Yuanzhi, He Yi and either Pei
Yuan Shao or Bo Zhang and Zhou Cang.

Weapon: Typhoon
Power: +55
Stage: Battle of Si Shui Gate
Requirements: Defeat Fan Chou to take over the supply depot. Then defeat
Zhang Liao and Hua Xiong.

Weapon: Eclipse
Power: +56
Stage: Battle of Hu Lao Gate
Requirements: Defeat Lu Bu.

Weapon: Nu Wa’s Rapier
Power: +52
Stage: The Yellow Turban Menace
Requirements: Defeat the ambush generals He Yi and Yan Zheng when they

[Great Sword]
Weapon: Fu Xi’s Sword
Power: +57
Stage: The Yellow Turban Rebellion
Requirements: Defeat all enemy generals

Thanks for the help, I knew there had to be some way to do it.

Gil where did you buy yours from? I haven’t found anywhere that sells it ;_;

I sent my brother out to buy it, he definently got it from Gamestation (in Wigan) cause he signed up for a reward card.

Dynasty Warriors 4: Extreme Legends is coming out in a couple of weeks baby~ woo hoo!!

What differences are there?

Originally posted by Gilgamesh
What differences are there?

They made the AI tougher, more enemies or allies on the screen, a 11 lvl weapon, a legend mode for each of the characters, more items, and so on.

You can transfer your original DW4 data to the expansion as well.

W00t! Data transfer! I got so many 10th weapons I aint going over it again. And 11th weapons? Must buy this…