Dwarves cannot dance

But man, nightelves, gnomes and orcs sure know how to get jiggy.

Even the undead have some groove

Sure they can’t dance. They’re dwarves. And they wouldn’t want to dance, dwarves prefer more subtle forms of entertainment than dancing, so dancing does not come natural to a dwarf. It’s the communities really, a dwarven community would laugh at a dwarf who could dance, namely because it’s elflike, and being elflike is generally sucking. Also, dwarves don’t get drunk so easily as the other races, as they have strong metabolism’s, and dancing tends to be drunk behaviour, therefore, a dwarf dancing would look drunk and would be laughed at by his peers. No dwarf wants to look drunk you know. Why do you think bards are uncommon among dwarves? Dwarves dislike dancing, and distrust magic, 2 common elements of the bard, although some dwarven bards have become famous, making an exception to the rule. And a lot of people think dancing is something to do with how you look. A dwarf really doesn’t look the part dancing, but to other dwarves he might. So therefor a dwarf really wouldn’t want to dance…

Oh, it’s warcraft. Disregard what I said.

I like how it doesn’t show video on Winamp 2.x

I’m not registering in that just do download a video that I don’t know wheter or not I’ll like. Someone show me a link to toher server that has this file.

I suggest uploading the file somewhere. I won’t register to a site I don’t visit

I’ll put it on my f-serv when I get home from work for those who want to download it hassle free.

I like how it doesn’t show video on Winamp 2.x

It’s a .nsv (nullsoft video) file, you need winamp 5 to play it. I know it’s bitchy having the upgrade to the latest version, but the video is quite fun and I’ve been seing an increasing number of nsv files recently so you’re probably going to have to upgrade at some point. I’d recommend installing winamp5 to a different directory so you can keep the old winamp (which I like better since I can’t use my usual setup with the new version) and still have the new one ready to watch any nsv files you want.