Dungeons and Dragons, Edition 3.5

I have heard rumours on the Dungeons and Dragons message boards that a reformed version of the third edition, Edition 3.5, is going to come out. In this version, defects in the third edition system have been removed and some changes have been made. There has been talk on the message boards that the changes include a reduction in the powers of the monk and paladin classes.

If you have any comments about this new version/edition, or if you know more about it, please post, as I should like to know more myself.

Is it going to have a lot of new books or just add-on stuff to the old ones?
thinks of the horror of having to buy more

No, players are expected to adapt the new rules to the older books. Of course, all books published thereafter will be adapted to Edition 3.5.

Sounds like it may make 3rd ed better. I never got why people hate 3e so much. Probably because I’m a D&D n00b.

3rd Edition’s ok once you get into it, but I still prefer 2nd Edition.

Third Ed is fine.

Yeah, 3rdEditionoPhobes are just stupid. You know who you are.


3rd Edition is the edition I know and I play. I see nothing wrong it in. Don’t dish it, seriously.
I’m happy people like it. I mean…


I am curious to know exactly why the powers of the monk and the paladin might be reduced. It is true that both are very potent classes, but both require strict dedication and a devotion to a code of ethics. Those two factors balance out.

Heh Third ed is jsut fine, and I dont’ see a problem, especially with the strict ethics.

But I like 3rd ed. Made things a lot simpler and easier really, when you come down to it.

They want to weaken the Paladins?! BOOOOO!
rallies billions of Paladins who assemble and protest all over the place


Thought i should post this…All the offically released info.

Anyways, DSome Good Stuff will be changed, such as some races have weapon familularity(sp?), The weapons will be classed as a grade lower for prof (ie. Martial Becomes Simple, And Exotic becomes martial), Thus, You are more likly to see a Dwarf with an urgosh, or a Halfling with Their Skiprocks.

The Monk is apparently going to be changed top become more “Customizable”…cant remember where i saw it, but it will most liekly mean you can choose what abilities you get (Eg, a 20th level month, who doesnt do d20 dmg maybe?).

Dont know much about the paladin…But then again, im all for the “Paladins should be a prestige class”

Druids are apparently being completely redone. Rumours are about spontanous spell casting, and more nature type abilities.

Rangers get two different ‘paths’ Two weapon Style, and Archery Style. The rangers gain more unique abilities although the definates are not known, although it is know that their Weapon abilites are gained at second level, and that they gain another 2(or was it 3?) on the way to level 20.

Sorcs are not being looked at really…whcih makes people like me sad…

The Bard is having his bardic knowledge revamped, and makiong his perform more useful. Or so the rumour says.

Apparently Two-Weapon Fighting, and Ambidex have been pushed together into one feat, to stop people form just taking single ranger levels (Or it would be two levels, with this edition upgrade)

Oh, One last thing…They are removing the partial actions.

Ok, Enough about all that…As for the Questions about the books, They will be redoing the Players Handbook, DM’s Guide, and The Monster Manual. You can also download it form the SRD if you dont want to have to re-purchase the books.

Sounds cool

Nice, but I’ll stick with mastering 3rd ed for now.

Do they still sell 1st and 2cd editions?

1st edition is totally out of print now and so is the majority of second edition. You can probably still get the books on Ebay or through one of the online book companies like Amazon.

on the 3E note, I just got sent to me the 3.5 netbooks and I’ll be looking at them when I have more time.