Dungeon Magic


Up on July. It would be nice to have it review by the 14th.

Basics page: “Leveling” is the only heading not in capitals. Also the name of this page is Experience Chart, which should only be the title of the page it links to.

In the grocer page, the effects column uses small letters in nouns and capital in sentences, that’s probably a feature.

Magic page: “At the begining”> beginning. “Futher apprenticeships”=further.

In Towns/Grades Castle, “stairs” in the table is the only entry in all of the towns that’s in small letters. Tbh I’d rather have the entries in the gray column capitalised, like in most of the site (I think). Weapons, Maps etc.

Weapons & Armor, first table, last entry “whitel gloves” is probably white gloves. Just below that “The armory buys equiptment from you for half its sell value (if can buy a banana for two gold then you can sell a banana for one gold).”–>equipment, if you can buy…

Walkthrough, below the first pic, point 2. “Torres” is spelled Tores in the rest of the pages.

“You need to raise several levels and upgrade your equiptmant before heading into any dungeons. Kill snakes, scorpions and flies until you are at least level 6 and have replaced the begining equiptment”>equipment, beginning.

“Stand by the statue on the third floor of the sanctuary and wait util the sword glows”>until “Once in possesion of the” >possession “once you’ve equiped the armor”>Once, equipped

Plus I think the correct spelling of wizzard is wizard, so unless it’s a game thing all superfluous "z"s will have to go.

Here you are, I didn’t check the maps page though. That’s what studying does to you, people…

Thanks for all the help Rigmarole! I always forget how atrocious my spelling is until I attempt to write something without a spell checker.

Does anyone else have any advice to offer about my shrine? thanks!

I found having Word violently eject the spell checker helps on that front. sigh