Dumb mistakes in MMORPGs

Ok, I’m not sure wether to put this in the main forum or not, so lets be safe.

Feel free to talk about your worst mistakes in MMORPGs (or the like).

As for me:
I had my first major failure in RetroMUD just a little while ago.

Ok, here’s the thing: I play a female catfolk ranger.

A ranger is good as they can be effective from a distance (with bows), or melee (with axes). I can do both pretty nicely.

But I tend not to be in parties. Anyways, let’s set it up.

I got on, and Archone, who was already on, leading a party through the Elemental Temple. Since he was about to go afk, he suggested that I tank. This is fair to me.

So I get to lead a party of four through the Elemental Temple. Well someone cleared it out, so we decided to go to Lao-Lung.

I lead them to Lao-Lung, and we take out a few wizards and stuff, but someone was there earler, so there’s not much.

So I get the bright idea of suggesting we take on one of the bosses: a tough mage and his pet hydra. Everyone agrees, so we rest up and then go after them.

The thing is, the party leader has to be in the front row. So it was just me and my wolf up front, with three others in the middle. The guys in the front will take ALL of the melee attacks. And I kinda forgot to keep a careful eye on my status.

The result: The ENTIRE PARTY gets killed. This is one of my major fears when tanking. FUCK.

Kitty is just a little sad with himself, but he can still laugh about it, at least.

Several of my biggest mistakes include:
The hours wasted trying to get into a party in FFXI only to spend about 30 minutes of quality grinding before the party fell apart.

Not really a mistake, but it is somthing I wish I had not punished myself by doing.

Then theres my Talent setup on World of Warcraft where I “re-speced” my character’s talents several times. Each time you erase your talents it would cost you a certain amount of gold. Which would, in turn, increase for the next time. I now have to pay 25 gold (which isnt ALOT, but its significant) to change my talents yet AGAIN because I’m not 100% satisfied.

Then theres Ragnarok Online. Yeah, I didnt like the cookiecutter design of that game. I’m a Knight, thus I’m all AGI and STR. Hurray for originality. Oh, and I get to wear some stupid ass decoration on my head to give myself “character”. Boo, I say.

Mistakes, I dunno. Most of which werent significant enough to mention. I mean, we’ve all had party wipe issues. But to me a bigger mistake are the kind that cost you lots of time like in FFXI.

Bah. MUDs should have your status in the desc of each room. :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably buying FFXI.

Downloading RO.

I got one better.

Paying for RO.

Fishing in FFXI.

Yar you stole my avatar, bitch, get an original one! >O


Some idiot just wiped the whole raid in Molten Core… We pulled Shazzrah, and we were supposed to let the puller die cause he messed up… But someone shot. I guess my biggest mistake would be accidentally taking a (common, every boss drops it) item my first ever raid group in WoW.

RetroMUD does. And at the beginning of each combat round.

<i>Making</i> RO

Avoiding jumping on the ‘buying so and so’ bandwagon that is forming, I’ll say that mine is making a human fighter in Everquest.

If you haven’t been following along, EQ kinda killed my interest in MMORPGs, and I’ve played both FFXI and RO! Not quite ready to plop any more money into another MMO, thats for sure.

Entering a group of 4 Tankers and nothing else while I had my Blaster in City of Heroes…

I got aggro. They laughed.

something to do with RO llololololol

Giving you guys access to the internet. >:o
I like RO. Kthxbai

I did too.

I liked pooping in my diaper. We all grow out of it some day. Hopefully.

Only to do so again in old age. :smiley:

I didn’t know you did RetroMUD, Starstorm. I only recently got back into it, so I’m not really a high level or anything, though. I don’t know about big mistakes, but while I usually don’t get killed in MUDs (at most like twice in one day) today I got killed like eleven fucking times, all because my luck was at the lowest possible level today. Yay! Oh, and I’m a Fallen. :smiley:

Fallen creep me out.

Thank you, thank you very much. The creepiness and lack of defenses are really the two biggest weaknesses we have. :stuck_out_tongue: