Dude, I still need a hyuj favor.

Anyone whom wishes to help, PM me, and I’ll give meeting place/adress/more information.

Sinistral, why’d you close my other thread? I still needed it. Even if you believe it’s retarded, doesn’t mean I don’t need it anymore. k tnx

Because we spammed it off topic. :D\

And I don’t think you’re going to find anyone willing to lend you money. Especially since said money would probably have to go through mail and money in mail = stolen money.

Well, there’s a chance that someone who lives in Toronto would take up the offer.

No Cala, the mighty post office doesn’t steal. They “accidentally on purpose misplace it in their pockets”.

It was the mailbox, I swear!

The dog ate it. >.>

Enough spam! I don’t want Sinistral going all apeshit and closing my thread. x(

It fell out of the envelope, and into my pocket.

If you want it so bad, steal it or something.

I won’t. I did that the last few times I wanted a game. Third time won’t work, I guarentee.

Stole 50$ for Final Fantasy Chronicles when it came out.
Stole 60$ for Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2 when it came out.

I meant from the store, but, ok.

Even then so, they only show the cases on the shelves, and you must bring the case to the person, telling them you want it, then they go into a back-room, and get your a brand-spanking-new copy. I want the game, not just the case.

Holy shi-how did you manage to steal 60$ without anybody noticing?! I have gone up to 10$ on my most desperate point (Chrono Cross).


Seriously now. I’m not sure how, but I guess they think they (my parents) misplaced the monies.

Lucky asshole :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to put the money back afterwards so my mother doesn’t notice.

Lucky? I have to live with the guilt of stealing 110$ over a few months period, from my parents.

Guilt? C’mon, what are you? A priest? If you can’t take the pressure then you shouldn’t have done it in the first place.

Although I can’t talk, I can’t do anything bad without looking for a way to redeem myself. I’m a goody-two-shoes boy scout sigh

Oh poor you, for stealing and feeling guilty about it :open_mouth: If you do that, then why are you asking for money, dude?

Who wouldn’t feel guilt? My parents asked me if I had seen the money, and I said no. I’m no priest, nor do I believe in god. Except that God is a particle. (:D)

But I don’t feel guilt anymore. And that being said, the games weren’t that good either.

It was a while ago. You guys haven’t asked if I payed it back, and I did… most of it… some of it… okay, a little of it. They don’t know I took it, I just put money around the house. (lol) And I’m asking, to release myself from another blow of guilt.

In other words, you feel dumb.