DT's crappy art showdown

Yay :smiley: I finally got my friend to scan some sketches of mine.
Unfortunately the pictures came out very light so most of the shadings are gone or dont look very good… sniff I’d suggest you watch it in small view.
These are all sketches for the game I’m currently working on (except for the dragons). I drew them in Germany out of boredom. Hope you like them.

I decided to cramp nul’s upload page a little >)

An elven oracle priestess- thingy and my personal favorite (aside from the dragons. I love dragons).

And here’s the main character of my game.

The secret character. In case this game is ever gonna be finished you should get her cause she’s kinda strong. I messed up with the eyes here though…

Originally this was the sketch of the upper picture. But I coloured it with watercolors and felt pen and ruined it :stuck_out_tongue:

Then we have a dragon. The dragon is fine, but when I finished him I was too lazy to draw proper fire. So now it looks like he’s breathing paper :stuck_out_tongue:

Then we have a dragon protecting a shiny thing.

And- surprise surprise- another dragon. Sitting.

Last, but not least. actually I didn’t draw this pic for the game, I drew it some time last year. But I’m gonna post it anyway. Don’t ask what I was thinking. I have no idea. It once had nice shadings by the way. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s it, just some are still missing. I might post some of my fanart later.

Nice work. :smiley:

I especially like the dragons. But then again, I’m a dragonophiliac, so I’m heavily biased. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. I like DT! You’re very good!

Ain’t no crappy stuff, yo! They look great, DT. What you could do is use a stronger pencil on the contours, it’s a bit hard to see some of them.

Thankies people :smiley:
Weiila: Actually the contours were quite strong, and so were the shadings…but my friend’s scanner isn’t the best one it seems ^^;
I’m trying to get one myself so that I can scan more art and don’t need to bug her anymore.

Very cool stuff DT, The colored one wasn’t bad, but not great either. The shading would also make them look better if the last pic has anything to say about it.

Well… uhh… since you kindly asked me to…

I like the way how you can fill the whole canvas, so to say. My own drawings tend to be stuck right dead in the middle, so that kinda merits something from me. Also, I see no real marks/eraser marks anywhere, so I take it you either got them scanned so they won’t show, or then you just draw so freely that there aren’t any. Colored one’s nice, but with my past in coloring, you’re better taking the color C&C from someone else.

Proportions’re nice. Very nice. 1/6, I wish I could even attain 1/5 with my pics. Oh well, I’ll stick with my chibis to the end!

And one more definite plus: You know how to make women look feminine (My males look more female in some cases, mainly due the fact I have lack of skill in the gazongas department >_<). Then again, a few look like their breasts were in a slight disbalance. Maybe it’s just me. Oh well.

Whee, I like those, DT!

And Kero, it’s dracophiliac.

Wow…DT, those are amazing! :cool: You have a certain style.

I can’t really say which is my absolute favorite, but I like the elf and the dragons in particular.

Nice. Very nice even though the scaning didn’t quit work out for you. Very cool dragons.:cool: :smiley:

Niiice. :smiley:

Thanks, thanks and thanks again :smiley:

Here’s the last guy she forgot to scan. He didn’t come out as good IMHO, since he looks a little too feminine :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, DT! Don’t think its crappy, because its great!

The last one in your first post was my favorite. 8D

Whee, thanks a lot :smiley: I didn’t expect so many positive comments.
But I might do an art update some time next month to post some of my older (and more or less well-colored) pictures. We’ll see.