DSL rules

Well, at least for me, a guy who’s always lived under a 56K regular phone connection. I dunno if somebody there has a T1+ link.

So far my slowest download has been at 25 kb/s, and I’ve downloaded Saint Seiya and .hack episodes and games and stuff… Think I’ll be spending way more time with my machine now.

So, for those of you using broadband… Is there any program I should use to manage my connection now that I got a better one? And what can you people tell me about Emule? I heard it’s good to get big stuff, but I’ve never actually seen the thing working…

studio64.yi.org, #rpgc

You can find most of your warez there, all other p2p programs are unnecesary. And don’t install programs that “speed up your connection”, they don’t.

TD doesn’t bat around the bush. :stuck_out_tongue:

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There’s another few thousand dollars the Anime Industry wont have. Thanks for contributing.

Mine rules more.

Another few thousand dollars he likely didn’t have anyway; which is why he’s downloading them off the fucking internet. And don’t tell me you don’t steal, because you have accepted mp3 files from me, you hypocrite. =p

Uh, most of that stuff you cant buy in the US. How are they losing money if we cant buy it anyway?

I’m likely the one exception to the rule, as I import 99% of my soundtracks I buy =P

That’s how I felt last summer. It was so great. I’d also like to shout a big EFF YOO CEE KAY YOU at Nulani because I’m envious grumble

2048/320 here

Thanks, edit: TD ^^

I am with a 256k here and it’s enough for me for a while. When I’m done with my studies for this year I might get a 512k.

And Hades, Dev and Loki: I would buy all the DVD’s with the episodes if I could, but anime simply isn’t sold here in BR. All the major TV companies have already got exhibition rights for the new stuff so that if you want to watch animes you have to do so at the time they broadcast (and with commercials if it’s not from cable TV)

DT is the female.

I really need DSL but my dad is too bone-headed to get it.

Oh, and Hades, you’re my new best friend.

And they all sucked shit except the Blind Guardian stuff and Holy Thunderforce >>; And Insanity >>; And The Vampire Club >>; Ok so a lot of them were good :stuck_out_tongue: But never say the words “Dead Kennedys” in front of me again or I’ll rip your ass off and feed it to baboons >>;

And I buy CDs of what I have, when I can. Like Dream Theater. I didn’t just use spare change to get that one. It costed a king’s ransom.

Uh, most of that stuff you cant buy in the US. How are they losing money if we cant buy it anyway?
You can buy .hack//sign in the US, and many games and software, and you can order anime online, if you have the money. And not having money isn’t a valid excuse for pirating. Not having money means there’s stuff you should not be able to have because you don’t work for it. Of course, our generation thinks it’s a crime if everything’s not handed to them for free because they’re God’s divine children.

And I get the feeling most of the people with a righteousness-complex who say they’d buy stuff if it was available, wouldn’t touch it because they can get it for free.

You can only say those kind of things if you’ve never downloaded an MP3 or never downloaded an episode of anime… because, really, anything can be imported.

Sounds quite hypocritical. You’ll buy it when you can. Shouldn’t not not download it then if you can’t buy it according to your reasoning? Also, if you buy it, why download it? It is quite easy to copy it to your computer from the original source.

Again, I’m one of the few that does download occasionally, but I always end up buying the album if I find it good enough :stuck_out_tongue: (Which happens more often than not :stuck_out_tongue: The VGM Industry already has several thousand of dollars from me… and I don’t plan to stop supporting them anytime soon :stuck_out_tongue:

And I shouldn’t be downloading mp3s. Even Hades succumbs to temptations once in a while.

And Cless, I’m working on that. I don’t download anime whatsoever anymore. Haven’t for 2 years, and never will again. Only DVDs for me. And I don’t get anymore entire soundtracks on mp3. Only certain individual songs.

I have seen all Evangelion episodes on PC, and then, when they released it here in DVD, I bought it.

However, there are way too few animes in DVD’s here. I know a rental store where they have Evangelion, some DBZ movies and Ghost in the Shell, and there is another one where I’ve seen Akira. But asides from these, you can’t find many. As I said, the media won’t allow people to buy DVD’s if it can profit from ads or cable fees. Our major TV company, for example, has bought all the rights on the latest Saint Seiya saga and is planning to broadcast starting this month. And if people try to sell Heavenly Warrior Shurato tapes or discs they’ll be sued by some other company which’s got its rights over the series.