DS question

So I was looking at my various DS-related stuff (games, manuals, etc) and now I have a question.

The DS doesn’t have any reginal coding or anything, so I can play a game from Japan on my American DS, right? But the cases for my DS games and the DS box all have a little message saying “Not for sale, rental or use outside the USA, Canada, Mexico, or Latin America”. I can understand “not for sale or rental,” but are they saying that I can’t PLAY my DS outside of the continent?

Use as a promotional device, or maybe they’re refering to the Wifi? Unfortunately I have no idea as to what it means.:thinking:

They’re not allowed to sell it outside of those regions. Ahahaha.

Don’t worry, you can play imported games without any problems whatsoever. The vast majority of my library is imported. I would like to take this moment to recommend Ouendan.

Its region free. Its all bullshit that Nintendo and Sony do to control releases pointlessly. Shit like that is how Sony shut down Lik-Sang. It doesn’t affect you in the least.

yep totally region free. Just recently the best buy near me has started to sell imports. Well maybe just one but it is still an import.