Drunk Dialing

All right, since I’m a little tipsy right now, I’m curious about weird things. I have never drunk dialed anyone because I don’t want to embarrass myself for posterity THAT much. Have any of you ever drunk dialed anyone? Do you remember what you said, or did someone else enlighten you later?

edit - Oh yeah, don’t call me now. For my after-party, I’m busy watching TV and eating greasy fast food. YUM. Goodness.

I remember one time in the chat a bunch of people called each other. Fun times. Fun times indeed. I believe i ended up calling some poor georgian at the 4 in the morning because 984 told me it was his house >:(

For us to call, we would have to have your digits.

Yeah, so that’s why you don’t!

[I once found this while looking for Duran Duran’s “Chauffer” song in the internet.](http://www.csrenan.com/Upload/NX/Renan//Rab_corbett_-_ chauffer.mp3)

Not the music I expected, but amused me for a couple of minutes and is related to this topic.

Never called someone, but I did wake up naked on my couch the next morning! :smiley:

I called someone once, but I had a pretty good reason at the time. Actually a few times. I remember what I said and it wasn’t very exciting.

I’ve been drunkdialed, but never did it myself because I’ve never been drunk and near a non-payphone by myself.

Sort of like that. Like, I:

-Asked a middle-aged Pojoer if he was still a Pokemon critic. Block.

-Said I thought I saw a pair of tits on tv when actually it was a guy. To a Pojoer. Block.

-Pretended to be Howard Stern. Block.

-Tried to get a guy to admit they were gay, and showed them some straight porn. Block.

-Pretended to be a chick.

Oh wait, that’s called fucking with people.


I’ve never been drunk, but a friend of mine called this girl he was trying to get with and told her he wanted to eat her out and that he wanted to have a threesome with her and some other chick.

I drunk dialed and posted, and have witnesses here to vouch for it.

How did you get the picture to fit through the telephone? :o

That looks like Urkel.

I’ve never been old enough to drink, and since then I haven’t even gone to Communion.

Ouch, that hurts.::doh:: :too bad: :bowser: Man, that is just what one of my drill instructors said. :fungah:

I still haven’t gotten my turn to talk to Vicki :frowning:

I have Vicki’s number…I probly woulda called her if I saw this yesterday when she posted it. Oh well.

This girl I’m seeing drunk dials me and asks me questions she doesn’t normally wanna hear the answers to. She never really embarasses herself, though.

I’ve drunkdialed but nothing ever embarrassing happened because of it; I’m a pretty coherent drunk. My friend on the other hand… >.>

I, of course not under the influence of anything illegal for me to imbibe, had called a girl to give her instructions on how to fuck her boyfriend at a concert her father was going to without him knowing. Instructions that included “Gypsy-folk” in large quantities.
I tend mostly to say really mean, offensive things that are not meant to come out that way. I told a girl she looked dead when she wore too much make up, meaning to tell her she was pretty without make up. I told a girl she looked kind of like a monkey, once, too. I think I was trying to say she looked cute, but I don’t even know. That’s the only one I really regret. She was mad for a long time. Once I left somebody five-minute long, verbally abusive voice-mails because they didn’t show up when they were supposed to. Or, rather, when I decided they were supposed to without telling them.
I also once called a Pizza Place and pretended to be Psycho Mantis or Skeletor, I’m not sure which. The shit I do isn’t embarassing so much as weird.

I’ve never been drunk enough to act stupid like that. I don’t see myself drinking enough to get drunk anytime soon. Like, last night, my brother and sister made me a vodka martini (there wasn’t any gin), and it took me like half an hour to finish it.

On a tangentially related note, family + alcohol + politics = fun. My grandpop has the best Christmas party ever.