Drugs, Mario, and Cake!

By the way, I will actually shoot you if you try to steal a car.

This thread is now how that one curly haired girl that takes him away at the end. I used to bang her. she looks like she’s gained like 40 pounds.

I have nudes if you don’t believe me

I’d rather have banged the asian one, shit.

Ms. Curly Hair is from Hawaii, and I never recall you saying you were from the same place. Given what I know about her, however, I actually won’t completely rule out that possibility. That being said, I’ll only half-way not believe you.

Edit: I’ll agree that Ms. China is quite attractive.

My roommate is from Hawaii, he probably knows her. I bet they go surfing and eat pineapple and blaze together.

I’ve read a book about a guy who goes on holidays to HI, so I’m probably slightly more qualified than Arac to know about that kind of thing. Books are researched, thus better than anecdotes.