Drop-down boxes: help!

  1. I have to list a great many names for one of my sections, and I’d prefer to use a drop-down box filled with names instead of filling up the page needlessly. Googling gets me a ton of conflicting results, so; how do I make one?

edit; selecting a name wouldn’t actually do anything. This just saves space.

  1. Any way to auto-center everything in a table without adding horrible HTML everywhere?

Nope, the best way I found is to change your tr tags to tr align=“center”. That’ll center all the text in the cells for that row. And remember, when you use th instead of td for the header row, it auto centers and bolds the text (and puts the correct table background for headers), just remember to add class=“info” in the table tag.

You should be adding class=“info” to table anyway, as it will automatically do the table backgrounds for you.

Also, while I’m at it, I think that all tables should be centered on the page (well, larger ones at least), I just think they look better. I usually just surround my tables with p align=“center” then /p. Doesn’t make the text center though, as you’ve probably found out.

You mean like this?
<select name=stuff><option>Pierson</option><option selected>Epico Gameu</option><option>Xelo freekin rocks</option></select>

If so, to start the list, you start with <SELECT>
If you’re using this for in a form, you put a NAME="" parameter in, but I don’t think you’re doing that.

Between the SELECT tags, put every option you want in <OPTION> tags. Simple enough. If you want to have it start with a specific option selected, use the SELECTED parameter in the OPTION tag (<OPTION SELECTED>

Kickass! Thanks Xelo. :slight_smile: