Driver's License

Curious as to when the rest of you got your’s. I’m 17 and still don’t have mine. Plan on changing that in the next two weeks though. Anyway, what about the rest of you?

Fuck, I’m 20 and I’m starting to get mine now. I’m just reading this book first, then I take a computer test or something. After that I have to wait about a year until I can get my N… then two more years until I can drive with more than one passenger. Oh well, doesn’t really matter, i don’t have access to a vehicle, and I live in a city where public transportation is not a problem.

I got mine as soon as i could. I got my permit six months after i turned sixteen, and the license a year after that.

I got my liscense when I was 18. Day of my senior prom in fact. It makes things easy when you’ve ridden with your dad to school for 13 years.

I got my permit a couple months after I was 16, then didn’t end up going for the test until after I was 18. Passed on the third try. Should have gotten it first time, but I made a stupid mistake parallel parking (I was good, but then I inched forward just a little more and tapped the cone).

I got mine when I was 22. Only took me five tries, too.

… oh shut up, the driver’s test in Sweden is really damn strict and I don’t handle stress well. :frowning:

I got my license like a month after I turned 16. But I didn’t get a car until like six months later. :[

I’m 19 and still don’t have it (though you can only get one at 18 here), and aren’t in a great hurry to do so, due to the costs associated with it and the fact that public transportation is just fine.

And the fact that I’ll be turned into the delivery bitch/chauffeur of my family as soon as I get said license.

I got my license when I was eighteen. And I passed first time too, which was nice.

My dad said he would start teaching me a bit when I turn 15 in 2 months. I’m gonna try and get mine asap

I got mine at 17, about six months later than I technically could. Wow… that was a long time ago. :sunglasses: But I just got my G license (the final version, which doesn’t have to be renewed) last month.

16, not getting it any time soon, we don’t have the moeny for insurance.

I’ve had a permit for a couple months now.

I got my permit at 15 and my license at 16. I think I took the test the same week as my birthday. Wow, that was a long time ago…

I haven’t bothered yet. They’re expensive.

I’m 19, I’ve just got a learner’s license. As it stands now I don’t need a car, although I will admit it would be nice to have a full license. Unfortunately, the only person who would let me drive their car to practice, doesn’t have one.

I got mine at 18. Failed the first test by driving too slow. Passed on the second try.

I got mine as soon as i fucking could. I haven’t technically <i>had</i> the thing for months, probably went through the wash, but i am a registered and licensced driver still. I just need to get around to ordering a replacement.

I decided I was sick of having to get rides to places when I was 18, so I got my permit in September (I actually failed the written exam once), and got my liscence in November (Passed that on my first try). I’ve driven almost every day of my life since then, and I’ve never looked back. I remember there was one week where the ignition on my car wouldn’t turn, so I had to get it towed into an auto shop and not drive for a few days…slowest four fucking days of my LIFE. I love driving.

I got mine at 20…late bloomer.