Drivers License!

So I just got my license, do you have any tips? I’m looking at my picture, and I’m going to have to say that I look like a fox.

Ramza has his driving licence? Dread and despair! :runaway:

My advice is not to drive too much, because it helps reduce air pollution. Every little bit helps.

Yeah, I am not planning on going crazy with driving. Mostly to school and back

A cliff is a more sure way to kill yourself than driving into a body of water… unless that body is at the bottem of a cliff, but even then.

I didn’t know they let you wear fursuits during those pictures, I’m glad they let you though ramza. Always be yourself. =D


I know, I fursuit it up everywhere.

Eh, whatever gets you off… sicko…

don’t wear a steatbelt for sure, as they kill people rather then save them.

I think you’re getting them confused with airbags.

hah, you’re getting your lisence already and you’re just 15, and I’m almost 19 and I haven’t even gotten my learners yet.

I have been 16 for a while now D:

I briefly had a learning licence from the ages of 18 to 20, but after failing the road test a few times, I just gave up, because I really do not need to drive anyhow…nor do I have the economy to afford a car and insurance.

Ramza’s a skanky whu-ore :frowning:

(Kidding >.>)

Congrats man. Don’t fucking kill anyone or yourself :smiley:

Don’t start making little bad habits. A lot of these may sounds stupid, but I’ve either me or my friends do this frequently, so here are some examples:

  • Not remembering to turn your lights off when driving at night

  • Not making complete stops

  • Not speeding at night, ESPECIALLY at night

  • Not looking over your left shoulder to go in reverse (This one’s me, lol :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t drive big vehicles cos of this; my vision when going in reverse is almost nothing.)

  • Assuming that other drivers are driving defensively, JUST LIKE YOU SHOULD BE :smiley:

  • Making a turn on an inside lane and winding up in the outside lane.

  • Switching a lane, and then glancing in that direction WHILE you’re switching the lane.

  • Being a tailgating ass motherfucker

  • Passing on the right.

Most of these, you should never have to do. Let me tell you something my friend taught me about driving…this is advice only for emergency situations, though. He told me “Driving right is not always driving safe.” Now, don’t get any crazy ideas…but just remember that sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do. Those? I’ve never seen a single instance where those were necesary. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t talk on your cell phone and drive. Be careful for other people that do. Especially on the highway, because they might change lanes into you, send you barreling into the median at 70 miles per hour, glass will shatter everywhere, it will get in your eye, and you’ll have to wear an eyepatch for a few weeks, and everyone will make pirate jokes about you until you’re ready to go fucking insane and eat their flesh with juicy juicy yum blood mmmmmmmmm

Don’t be one of those cocks who doesn’t let other people into his precious precious lane.

Too bad you don’t live in Norway. Here you wouldn’t have been able to afford one.

SG you confuse me!! :frowning:

Mmm, I love juicy juicy yum blood!

I think he mean don’t do anthing he just said.
-Don’t be a proud driver and think your better than everyone else.
-Don’t go 55 in the fast lane.
-If you can survive San Diego or L.A. driving consitions, you are a really good driver, or lucky.

I’ll drive out there this weekend and see how much they pale in comparison to Lincoln NEBRASKA!!