I’ve tried a lot of times, but I just can’t write a decent text. So now I’m trying my skills with drawings.

I have no scanner, though, so I took a pic of it with an old QV-770. Hence the quality of the pic. I have to get a new cam, I know, but it was the only one around.

It took me two math classes to draw this odalisk. One to make the sketch and another one to adorn her with stuff. She’s a belly dance dancer. I think I drew her too slim…

So, you could make your comments now and stuff. Yeah.

Oooh…very nice. She’s cute. :slight_smile:

A little too thin, but very cute! 8)

You should keep it up.

Mmmm… boobies. :slight_smile:

I would probably try using straighter lines for the pants. As it is right now, it tends to look more wrinkled than baggy.