Well, here is this thing I did in art… it looks kind of gay since I scanned it… The color looks bad and since it’s circular it didnt get the whole thing, and the contrast is off… ah, maybe I shouldn’t even have posted this at all. Oh well.

I can’t even see it to judge it in first place

I just love the blue background;) hehe might wanna edit your post…

Hrmm…I will try to fix this… Ah, found the problem… the file I attempted to attatch with my post exceeds the byte limit… I will find another way to get it on.

Geocities and Angelfire work well for that :stuck_out_tongue:


it looks terrible because of its size, i might edit it later and resize it, but probably not.

but anyway, I suck at coloring in the first place, I’ll say it now. I’m much more of a shading person. But since this was art class, and our teacher is overbearing, we pretty much have to do everything she says or get a bad grade. I think it looked a lot better before until she made me start changing it, no matter what artistic reaosns I defended it with. The pruple dragon, for instance. My teacher kept telling me to add more values, and hen I did, it came out worse and worse. She also told me to add yellow to the violet, which made it look worse still. She also made me brandish over the sapphire dragon (the one with the black behind it with the multicolors) with white, so it would stand out more. When really, I wanted the dragon to be one with the shadow behind it, because it was supposed to be slinking into them. The head of the green dragon got cut off since my scanner didnt work so well with the circular format, and behind the emerald and crystal dragon, that’s supposed to be a sea with a storm above it, but you cant really tell.

Doesn’t seem to work, just a red cross…

This picture is definitely out to send your bloodpressure flying, methinks :confused: