Dragon Warrior VII lucky panel

The Lucky Panel game in each of the game’s casinos allows you to obtain items that are very difficult (but not impossible) to obtain. Rare items I have obtained via Lucky Panel are Zombie Swords, Dragon Swords, Massacre Swords, Demon Hammers, Winds Staves, Sage Staves, Dragon Claws, Devil Claws, Angel Leotards, Pure Bustiers, Gigant Armor, Mirror Armor, Silver Shields, Magic Hats, Mythril Helms, LuckShoes, Wizard Rings, stat-raising Seeds, WorldLeaves, Monster Hearts (Slime, Wyvern, Berserker, Mimic, Bombcrag, EvlTurtle, DrakSlime, Gerion, Andreal, HellGiant (rare), EvilWell (rare)).

Can you associate those with specific lucky panels?

I can’t win the bloody game, even with writing everything down.

I managed to win all those prizes in the Coastal Lucky Panel, though some of the basic Monster Hearts can be obtained by the Dharma Lucky Panel. I have yet to try my luck at the Grand Slum panel, since I only went there to redeem my coins for Starry Bracelets and MetlKing Armors.