:eek: Dragon Warrior Vanishing Shards :eek:

:hint: i retrace my steps ,got every shard but none of the pedestals have enought shards,
im thinking when the merchant does inventory when you’re holding too much stuff that it deletes it
or something of that like nature, im trying to get to Krage, anyone know the shard specifically that are need for that land
, i be eternally grateful for any tips,hints

The best suggestion is to go back to the clockwork mech pit in Falrod in the present and talk to the seer there for any hints on where you might have missed a shard.

Most likely you need to go back to the [STRIKE]Alltrades Abby[/STRIKE] Dhama Temple area in the present or the past and search around. It’ll most likely turn up around there.

Though god help you if you missed a shard back in the cave in the Deja area (since you can’t get back in until near Endgame due to plot reasons).

Talk to the witch in the pit near Falrod. She’ll tell you where to go.

Sometimes, the witch tells you the wrong place to go. I got stuck in DW7 after putting like 50 hours into it, and that chick told me to go to some place where there absolutely was no shard. I even used a FAQ that told me every shard you could possibly have up to that point and I had all of them. It was a bummer.

Another thing he could do is check the remaining pedestals for pre-placed pieces.

Since some already come with a piece or two fitted in already.

Also don’t forget to check Dune in both the past and the present.