Dragon Warrior 7 - Monster Hearts

Yeah, I feel weird asking this and all, but since I never really tried to get a Boltrat Heart before, I’ve come at kind of a loss. I’m not sure if I’ve angered some cosmic forces or what, but I’ve killed 400 of them outside of Avon, and I’ve seen no hearts. I’m pretty sure this heart isn’t in a chest or a casino either, but if I’m mistaken, that’d make things infinitely easier. Does anyone have any ideas on this? Can they only be gotten from Boltrats in certain areas? (The area right around the Traveler’s Gate and Avon in the Hamelia past region seems to be their most common area.) Or do I just need to keep slaughtering them while the masses and start reading some books in the process of doing all this?

I’ve never recieved a heart from battle on either of my files. I think that you may luck in to one at lucky panel in either coastal or the casino special town. If they aren’t a basic monster class you may be better off building towards it. It’s been too damn long since I last played or I would be a little more helpful.

Boltrat’s a basic class, so no building, and only received through battle (unless I’m seriously mistaken), sorry. =( I have a Boltrat heart (I wanted to make sure I had gotten one, so you got me to turn on my PS2 for the first time in at least a month). I don’t think it matters where you fight the enemies - receiving monster hearts is more of a luck thing. Not Luck statistically, but luck as a personal thing, you know.

I’d take up multitasking - like reading while playing, or talking on the phone while playing, or figuring out if picture in picture is possible on a TV while playing. =)

all basics show up rarely at lucky panel in Coastal. I know that for a fact. I just couldn’t remember where that one was on the monster tree. there are even a handful of intermediates. Hearts often appear from the giant pearl lookin card.

All basics do? Hmm, I’ll check that more when I’ve unlocked Coastal. My current file is at Probina. All the leveling I’ve gotten from hunting has put me about 6 levels higher than I usually would be, and everyone except Melvin’s mastered at least 6 classes. I guess it’ll make the bonus dungeon bosses easier =P. The problem I’ve had is that I’ve heard conflicting stuff- kinda like what just happened. If I get up to 999 Boltrats without a heart, I’ll try Coastal for a few hours or so. If anyone has definite proof or confirmation that the heart can be received in the Coastal/Grand Slums casino, that’d be great.

It’s a basic, and for the tree it’s:

Boltrat + Gerion = Andreal
Boltrat + Golem = ProtoMech

Those two classes are both quite lovely, so I’d really like to have them, especially since they lead up to even better stuff like Esterk.

And yeah Vicki, I think multitasking is the only thing that’s kept me sane for all of this =P. Between playing SimCity 4 also and talking on the phone, I don’t think the realization has set in on how long I’ve been trying. I prefer it that way anyways. =P

I play Dragon Warrior 7 all of the time. You can get a boltrat heart by A. playing lucky panel or B. Fighting for it Lucky Panel is a great way to any basic or a few intermediate class hearts.

So is it definitely in the Coastal Casino then?

Im 90% sure im playing right now ive got unlimited tokens so ill sit here for an hour or so while I’m at it do you want me to make a list of the stuff you can get there for the shrine

Actually, a list of the prizes from each casino would be obscenely useful, and I’d worship the ground you walked upon for that.

I’m working on it as I type

Is that the same as Esturk in DW4? :eek:

I wish ;_;

Darn, that’d be so sweet, I still get nightmares about Esturk. Not cause he’s scary but because his stupid castle is so long and the monsters are so annoying and he’s like “lol I make your enchantments disappear stupid n00bs” when you fight him and stuff.

Also because he has the same sprite as the final boss, just recoloured, which is kinda funny. Don’t need a seperate sprite for the last boss or anything. Of course then Necrosaro transforms into the retarded-looking green thing, so I’m not sure if you’re supposed to take him seriously or not.

Yeah that was off topic. >>

Now to be on topic, I must say that after reading this DW7 scares me more with an added dimension of complexity I didn’t know about.

That works incredibly well, particularily the picture-in-picture one. Just hook the game up so that it plays on the Video setting on the TV, and set the small picture to view the game. That way, you can level up and stuff (and even read the text if you have good eyes), and you can watch your favourite shows. Picture-in-Picture helped me get all of the EX File Keys in Wild ARMs 3, and I recommend it to anyone planning to do the Gardening or Arioch sidequests.

Ah, my TV doesn’t do that, so I picked up The Da Vinci Code and read through half of that now. Also of note, once you’ve killed 999 of a certain monster, you can cancel battles with them by hitting circle. Makes things go a lot faster. And so far I’ve gotten 5 Horn Hats but no heart ;_;

I just about did that with clockmechs on my first file. I had one drop an Iron Axe early on, and naturally I wanted more…

I’m still working on the list for Coastal. It’s hard to get all of the items, because some rarely show up and when they do it seems my luck that i’ll hit shuffle and lose it. From what i’ve found I dont think you can get all of the basic monster classes. I’ve only found 6 of these. http://tartarus.rpgclassics.com/~torneko/images/monsterclass.png

Here is a list of what ive found so far


  1. Wyvern
  2. EvlTurtle
  3. Slime
  4. Berserker
  5. Bomcrag
  6. DrakSlime


  1. War hammer
  2. Steel Sword
  3. Battle Axe
  4. Iron Claw
  5. Wizard Staff
  6. Zombie Sword
  7. Pixy Sword
  8. Knife
  9. Iron Axe
  10. dagger


  1. Steel
  2. Shell
  3. Spangle dress
  4. Party Dress
  5. Evade
  6. Silk Robe
  7. Fur
  8. Leather Dress
  9. Leather Armor
  10. Magic armor
  11. travelers clothes
  12. Wizard robe


  1. White
  2. Leather
  3. Dragon
  4. Magic
  5. scale


  1. IronMask
  2. Iron
  3. Leather Hat
  4. Viking
  5. wooden hat
  6. seashell hat


  1. Slime earings
  2. Gold 50
  3. Gold 100
  4. Gold 1000
  5. Tights
  6. Garter
  7. Speed Ring
  8. World Leaf
  9. STR Ring
  10. Herb
  11. Herb X 3
  12. Glass Shoe
  13. MoonHerb
  14. Antidote
  15. AGL seed

Not to distract from the top post (way to go, hellhawk!), but I remembered something useful. Auto Battle in DW7 is incredibly useful. One of the settings knows the weaknesses and best attacks to use on every enemy in the game, and setting the game to Auto Battle is a good way to level up relatively worry free.

O thats cool i’m going to have to try that thanks for the hint

Yeah, the AI for your characters is superb- they’ll use status attacks when they know they’re likely to affect the enemy, they can heal a character if they’re suddenly damaged in the round, and they generally use the best skills/spells to combat the enemies depending on the plan you give them.