Dragon warrior 7 help

I’ve been playing DW7 for awhile now, and i finally got to the class shrine. {took me 8 days of playing… yeesh this game is long}

Now, from what I’ve been told the class system in dragon warrior 7 is slightly “broken” added with the fact members of your party in the game are constantly leaving and coming back makes multiclassing and/or getting a 3rd tier class {like hero or godhand} a long and tedious process {i recall seeing that getting hero class required something along a few thousand battles} And therefor the best option was to just aim for a second tier class and leave it at that.

Can somebody vouch for this, or tell me their experience with this game?
Also, what 2nd tier classes would you suggest? currently i was thinking.

Hero- Paladin
Keifer - Dragoon
maribel- sage
Gabo- Pirate
Melvin- Ranger
Aira - Teenidol {was going to make her a sage but i just noticed how low her MP is/grows on a stat chart}

Keifer’s never coming back.

Hero makes a good godhand/hero
Gabo is great for picking up shit like tamer that you forget to do on others
Maribel does magic, but melee classes will help her not die all the time
Melvin is hero but shittier
Aira fills about whatever role you want.

I hate to sound like a ass… but i think you missed the whole point of what i was asking, i don’t have the patience to slew/grind/sleep through thousands of battles to make a hero {let alone 2 } or a godhand {thats like 3000+ battles!} from what i’ve been reading, its just not worth it, hence why i was asking for second tier options.

Don’t worry there’s plenty of game left for you to make a Hero or two. In fact, you’re not even half way through yet. By the way this is a Dragon Quest game so don’t expect that you won’t need to do at least some grinding here and there.

My suggestion is to either make your Hero or Gabo the Godhand, and make the other one into your Summoner then work your way up to Hero.

Have Maribel take up the Cleric, followed by something that’ll keep her alive, but don’t make any long term plans for her because once she leaves she becomes completely useless.

Have Melvin take up a support role or whatever you need at the time as he can still make a good tier two character like a Tamer, Sage, or Pirate despite how late in the game he shows up.

Have Aria go into whatever’s vacant like Thief or Shepard as she doesn’t show up until the end of the first disk (which is also near the end of the game) so unless she takes advantage of her experiences in Dancer or Warrior she’ll never become good without some tremendous grinding or a really good monster heart.

Also worth mentioning that each character has a certain set of equipment regardless of their class. That means Gabo will never whip around whips, Maribel can’t equip any heavy armor and so on.

Also also, here’s some good advice. Abuse the casinos when you get to them. It’ll save you some grinding. And don’t forget to make a super town as well since they give really good bonuses.

I didn’t have to grind too much and I got everyone to level 99 fighting metal king slimes, at least that’s what I thought they were. I may have it confused with Dragon Quest VIII which I’m playing now, but I did do it.

Dragon Quest Vii was made using the most cutting edge PSX era graphics available at the time. Which enabled all 200+ hrs of the game look like a fully 3 dimensional SuperNES game (with load times no less).

Also VII had Fifty Four different classes for your five characters to choose from about 8/10ths of them were completely useless. Besides if that was VII then you probably would’ve spent more time grinding on the PlatKing Slimes and the massive experience that they gave.

You don’t seem to understand what you’re gotten yourself into with this game. The easiest advanced class to finish is Godhand, which happens at about 1300 battles and isn’t too hard to do by the end of the first disk. This game takes over 100 hours and has plenty of time to do all this. You are maybe 12 hours in if you still remember kiefer, much less still have him around.

Heres how my party ended up going
Hero: Fighter -> Cleric -> Paladin -> Warrior -> Dragoon -> Godhand -> Hero -> random stuff I felt like

Maribel -> Cleric -> Mage -> Sage -> Jester -> Dancer -> Teenidol -> (that advanced mage class I can’t remember. Summoner?) don’t count on her to be useful after she leaves and gets 10 levels behind the rest of the party.

Melvin: see hero

Gabo: Shepherd (WHISTLE is your friend and gabo is the only guy who never leaves) -> Thief -> Tamer -> Mariner -> Pirate -> Fighter -> Cleric-> Paladin->Hero -> Warrior->Dragoon-> Godhand ->monster classes to taste

Aira: Dancer -> Jester -> Teenidol-> Fighter -> Cleric-> Paladin->Warrior->Dragoon->Godhand->Hero

Paladin is about the most bang for grind you can get as far as offense goes, since they get Vacuum pretty early, which does 90ish to all enemies that don’t resist wind. Teenidol gives free 80ish hp full party healing. Sage gives overpriced and underpowered attack spells that seem amazing halfway through the game and suck horribly once you get free skills that do more. Godhand gives RockThrow for 120ish free physical damage to all enemies, Gigaslash is 400 damage to a group for some mp, and UltraHit does 600ish to one and is the main boss nuking skill later. Heroes regenerate 50 hp every round and get a bunch of lightning spells. Shepherds have some handy utility spells, so having one guy who won’t leave with them is nice. Ditto pirate and tamer. Tamer and pirate also give some ok free area attack skills and shepherd gives stampede which does 4 decently powerful hits (think howl on steroids).

Ranger is a trash dead end class that gives a bunch of garbage blaze and fireball spells. Dragoon sounds cool on paper, but nothing it gets stacks up to Paladin so you might as well do paladin first on the way to godhand, the fastest way to get to hero.

NEVER EVER switch classes before you have mastered them. There is a ~100 fight make up period where fights don’t count when you switch back.

If you want to make your life simple, make 2 Teen Idols (Gabo + Aira) and make 2 offensive damage classes, whatever it is you want (Melvin and Hero). As you approach the end, you’ll essentially have 2 people always attack and 2 others always cast Hustle. The end.

At the very least, make Melvin a paladin and the Hero a dragoon and/or a paladin. Vacuum rocks.

Btw, this is a Dragon Quest / Warrior game. These games are all about the old school grind. If you don’t want that, then you’re playing the wrong game. If you don’t grind in DQ7, you WILL hit a wall (most likely Lefa). DQ8 fixed that problem.

Oh, i got it for the grind, and i know about the grind. i’ve played dq6 and dq3 so i knew what i was getting into. I was just told that the class system was broken all to hell in this game… i guess they where wrong. Also… i had it in my head that i was near the end of the the whole game and was worried i’d be spending hours on end walking around in circles at the last castle trying to get these classes. which now i know is not the case.

deathstryke- I should have known better with the crazy rate random battles seem to spring up anyway… but again i thought i was near the end of the game for some reason. Thanks for your advice on the classes…its almost hard to believe that a class like sage is such a ripoff compared to freebie skills.

sorry about the late responses btw, Not much time for internet these days. {and yet i still manage to squeeze gaming in :hahaha; }

Yeah the classes aren’t particularly well balanced. Some are blatantly superior to others and its easy to god mode.

As for your statement in regards to the last castle, I wouldn’t say last castle. I would say Lefa.

Whistle, gotten from shepherds, makes the grind much more bearable. It lets you summon random battles from the menu.

As a side note, the class system in DWVII, while fun, is essentially there to soak up time. You can beat the game without ever touching a single class, and it’s not that hard, you just need to spend a little more time leveling. I started one and it’s fun :slight_smile: